Toshiba Batteries Price List


Toshiba is a Japanese company which are famous in whole wold for different things and one of them are batteries. Toshiba Batteries are used in whole world and it give timing 100 %  more then all other batteries used in world. Toshiba is a famous company, so you can buy Toshiba batteries from all countries of the world. In this page we also share with you some prices of Toshiba Batteries.

Toshiba Company was founded in 1938 and now its all products famous in whole world. Mostly people like Its products because its all products made with good quality of material. Many facts keep in mind while manufacture its all products so all batteries give no harm whichever used it.

Toshiba Batteries Price List

  1. Toshiba Primary 6-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery : $95.20
  2. Toshiba Primary High Capacity 12-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery : $119.99
  3. Toshiba Primary 4-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack, Ice Blue : $79.99
  4. Toshiba Primary Extended Capacity 9-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack : $119.99
  5. Toshiba Primary Li-Ion Battery Pack (6 cell, 66Wh)-Black : $103.99
  6. Toshiba Primary 6-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery for select Toshiba Portable Computers : $103.99
  7. Toshiba Primary 6-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery : $79.99
  8. Toshiba Primary 8-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery : $119.99
  9. Toshiba Primary 4-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack, Mercury Silver : $79.99
  10. Toshiba Primary Li-Ion Battery Pack (6 cell, 66Wh)-Black : $103.99


  • Snaps in and out of the battery slot in seconds
  • Genuine Toshiba quality and reliability
  • Extend the life of your Toshiba notebook while on the road!
  • Take your office on the road without sacrificing performance, productivity or convenience
  • Meets or exceeds the specifications of the original battery that came with the notebook
  • An additional battery pack provides extended power to work and play without worries in every place
  • Get a spare to extend the battery life on the go for lengthy meetings, on campus and flights which is very profitable

It is mentioned here that all batteries prices are collected from on-line resources. In condition of any more help if you need about any battery price and feature, you can comment us below. We provide you all batteries features and their prices in this page. If you are connected with batteries and have also interest in Batteries prices then you should Bookmark this page.

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