Top Ten Automobile Companies In The World


Here we are going to present the list of the top 10 automobile companies in the world in 2015. The automobile segment is one the most authoritative industries in the world. With millions of individuals purchasing new cars every year, this industry has grown-up in leaps in bounds since the discovery of the car. Protruding players contain names like Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM, BMW, Hyundai, Volkswagen etc. Each brand has its own inimitability and all of them are top the mind recollection brands.

Proposing new models every year is what brands these auto-companies dissimilar from other companies as customers continuously look for what is novel in cars. Here is a list of the top 10 Automobile Companies in the world. The top 3 limits for an automobile company are Market Value, Income and Profit.

  1. TESLA

For construction long-range electric cars a rapidlyincreasing reality. Founder and CEO Elon Musk’s standing for commotion is well earned. First he displayed that battery-powered cars are not only imaginable but wanted, with sales of the Model S—the company’s principal mass-market indulgence sedan than can travel 300 miles, at a steady 55mph, on a single charge—mounting exponentially in the U.S., China, and across Europe. Nowadays Tesla is edifice a family, with plans to roll out the Model X, a seven-passenger, all-electric treat SUV early following year and to growits more reasonable.


For important the way in emergent hydrogen-powered cars for the everyman. Toyota devices to do for fuel cells what its Prius did for crosses: make them omnipresent and top-of-mind for green-thinking customers. The automaker is gearing up to familiarize its hydrogen-powered sedans in California, Japan, and Germany initial next year, investment that angood-lookingexternal and active design will generate a marketplace for these cars that produce only water vapor. Though other automakers are testing with fuel cells as niche cars.


For setting driverless cars on the highway.Nevertheless cars that drive themselves and will take you anyplace on command are still a couple periods away, Google has been making inroads by cleansing its software for an self-directed vehicle. Its cars can now identify—and evade—objects and persons around it, while forecasting where, say, 10 walkers at a street corner may be controlled. Sensors straddlingthrough the car can even sense a cyclist’s hand signs and “read” signs like the red octagon held by a crossing protector in a school zone.


For manufacture embedded wireless connectivity the new in-vehicle typical. General Motors is the first automaker to device 4G LTE wireless connectivity crossways its new models, well turning its vehicles into mobile phones on wheels. Nearby 90 percent of G.M.’s 2015 model year vehicles transversely its four brands—Buick, Chevrolet ,Cadillac, and GMC—are armed with 4G LTE, with the rest of G.M.’s collection to have it next year.


For coaching cars to both drive in slow traffic and similar park themselves. Automakers are motocross to box each of their cars with the modern in self-driving knowledge, but Mercedes-Benz has appeared as the strong leader, with 70 percent of its modern S-Class luxury sedan drawing upon autonomous geographies to let the driver sit back and decrease. Its traffic jam backing lets the car take over in slow-moving traffic (up to 37 m.p.h.), braking, steering, and accelerating deprived of the driver’s help. It can also parallel green on its own.

  1. HONDA

For assembly crash tests addedeffectual. One of the trials to designing a car slightly than, say, an iPhone app or a duo of pants, is the extremely long lead time mandatoryamongst conceiving the design and taking the vehicle to stores. Honda’s new conceptionexpertise calls into question the postulation that scheming a new car needs to be slow. The software, founded on the programs used by Hollywood animatronics studios, allows Honda to study its crash-test imitations with a new grade of exactness and realism.

  1. FORD

For assembly the popular vehicle in America, the F-150, 700 pounds brighter. Ford is disorderly three industries—steel, aluminum and automotive—for the renovation of its F-150 pickup truck, the chart-topping vehicle in the U.S. for added than three decades. The automaker enlarged the use of high-strength steel and transacted heavy steel body panels for aluminum to shear up to 700 pounds from the truck and improvement fuel competence by up to five miles per gallon.

  1. APPLE

For CarPlay, which is revolving the car into an iPhone on wheels? Google isn’t the individual software business muscling its way hooked on cars. Automakers counting Audi and Volvo are joining with Apple to install its CarPlay system, presented last year. CarPlaylets users to mix an iPhone with their car’s infotainment screen to access apps, make calls, and listen to music on their iTunes collection. Numerous Apple iPhone tasks will be obtainable, including iMessage for sending and getting text messages, satellite navigation, and Siri Eyes Free integration, and much more like that.

  1. NAVDY

For keeping drivers’ eyes on the highway with its Head-Up Display screen. With legislatureespecially down on drivers’ cell phone use and automakers underneath pressure to keep consolecommotions to a least, it’s problematic to equilibrium safety with the rising pressure to stay linked. Enter Navdy, a head-up show device that bases onto the console of any car and schemes onto a see-through screen in front of the windshield closelythe whole thing a driver would need to do on the phone.


For troublemaking the customary car ordering process by making worth and history more see-through. Industry researcher is recognized for its detached car reviews and leadership in appraising add-ons and features. But now it needs to break out of the normal sales channel and improve upon it. Operating out of a Google-like workplace in Santa Monica, California, Edmunds hosted a three-day hackathonnamedHackomotive to spur businesspersons to come up with healthier ideas for selling cars, and it hurled an accelerator to help the teams that wedged the judges’ eyes.

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