Top 10 Best Indian Actors 2016


Actors that are your real icon today .Growing up in India enlighting their names ,grooming their personality.

The world recognizes India not due to its progress in world in Education or something else, but due to its God gifted and talented Actors.

The people of India treat their actors like thier God.

Indian actors are very famous in all over the world.

Times of India Ranked top 10 actors of India according to their God gifted talent ,public popularity and their hardwork.

1.Amir Khan:

One of the most talented actors of india is your favourite one Amir khan also known as ” MR. Perfect” .He took step in bollywood with his debue film and from that step he started a successful journey in Film World.


2.Shahrukh Khan:

The one who needs no introduction in ,not only India but all over the world is Shahrukh khan .The guy who came from Delhi to Mumbai in search of life and in no time Became the “King Khan” also known as “Badshah of Bollywood”.


3.Salman Khan:

Today the khan famous as his Body lookings and his sudden start of success in Bollywood wonder the world .Also known as ” Dabang Khan “.He came to mumbai in 1994 and gave the audition by cahance and selected and goes on and on.


4.Amitabh Bachan:

One of the most talented actors of indian history  is your unforgettable  Amitabh Bachan , also known as ” Shahnshah of Bollywood” .He gave the name and an identity  to bollywood with his  films and from that step he started a successful journey in Film World.


5.Hrithik Roshan:

The Lamp of Roshan family is Hiritik ,growing up his inherited talent in acting after his father.Became popular in no time and made a glowissh name in Dance and body lookings.


6.Akshay Kumar :

In this race how  Khiladi of Khiladis can remain back. He put the craziness ,real action and some fun to make the movie a masala movie ,married with his co.actress Twinkle Khana the daughter of Rajesh Khana.then both Husband wife made progress step by step holding hands of each other.


7.Ajay Devgun :

Ajay Davgun, that now a days introduced by Rohit Shetty back to back 100 crore clubs owner.  Married with Kajol ,the Queen of Bollywood ,the two big names of film world.He is famous for his action movies thrills.


8.Shahid Kapoor:

The one who needs no introduction in the world of Break dance introduction in Hindi Cinema along his movies  is Shahid Kapoor .Did his debue in Jab We Met and made a name in film world.But the luck put him back after and after but he did.nt lost his heart and still trying to be in top 10.



9.Saif Ali Khan:

The one who needs no introduction in ,not only India but all over the world is Last Nawab Of NAWAB FAMILY ,also known as “Choota Nwab “ .The guy that already have a strong background and a tag of Nawabs came to film World due to popularity of Family and hardwork.


10.Ranbir Kapoor:

The son of Rishi Kapoor ,the actor that tried alot to come in this field .Rejected by public alot but he tried hard and gave auditions for many times and at last made a great name in Film World .Also known as ” MR.Cool “.


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