Telenor’s Naya Aghaaz Offers a Unique Career Opportunity for Females


Telenor is a famous mobile network known in all over the world. It give all type of packages to its all customers. This is a only one of its kind chance for females who have been on a vocation break to make a burst through into the corporate world. For all those women who have been on a vocation break and want to execute their commercial dreams. Let it be the launch-platform you want. Let Naya Aghaaz be the launchpad that you need! It’s time to apply for Naya Aghaaz.

Deadline for Application: 2nd October 2016

Telenor Pakistan lately announce the program called “Naya Aghaaz”, sense new start. This program target women who have been on a break from their career and want to re-join the business world. With the meaning of “empowering women, empowering societies’’, this program aims to give opportunities for women to work in a business environment. And women who had by no means had the possibility to work before.

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