Muhammad Amir Cricket Latest News and Prmission


Mohammad Amir is a good Bowler of Pakistan team few years ago.But due to some mistakes in the past the cricket carrer of Mohammad Amir fimished.ICC find him in some corruption case,therefoe cricket banned him for few years.In 2015 he clear his punishment and now able to play cricket at the international level.

PSL is started in 2016.It is first time a great step by the Pakistan Cricket Board.Pakisatn faces also many problem in the past.No Internationl player is agree to came in Pakistan,Because in past years  Srilankan team face problem in Pakistan.Two attack face Srilankan team in pakistan.

Mohammad Amir caught in England whem a series play between Pakistan and England.

In PSL Mohammad Amir got clear card to play.Karachi team purchase him,but some international players of Pakisatn team not agree the playing of Mohammad Amair.Muhammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali are not agree by the back of Mohammad Amir in Cricket team.

Many orther players of international team also caught under corruption case,but they again play cricket.So it is right of Mohammad amir to come back in Pakistan Cricket team and do some thing special for the Pakistan team.

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