Millat Batteries Price List In Pakistan 2016

Millat Batteries Price List In Pakistan 2016

Millat batteries is the only brand of Pakistan,who made with high quality of materials and no. 1 battery brand known in all cities of Pakistan. Millat Industrial products limited is a lead acid battery manufacturing company known for the best quality product.Australian company deal its products in the Pakistan and it is the project of Millat tractors.We use millat batteries in all things which have the use of batteries like auto vehicles,bikes and tractors etc.In this page we will give you the price list of Millat Batteries in Pakistan.

All the data provided about Millat batteries are collected from the online resources.If you have any objection,you can comment us.Batteries are made by a special method.Many effects keep in mind that it give no harm to any person,Therefor there are also some specials instruction, How to increase the life time of the battery.So read the following instructions carefully.
Never use the battery without initial charging.
Charge the battery till it reaches to 15 V.
Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte in it.
After adding electrolyte connect it with charger which give 10 % ampere of battery capacity.
Make sure that before adding the electrolyte,battery was completely seales and air tight.
Always white catalyst used in battery to refill it.
Batteries can be categorize as a several different types which are used and planted.Batteries are of different sizes according to the uses.High vehicles and industries used high voltage of batteries and small vehicles like motorcycles used small voltage batteries.You can get 6 month warranty on purchasing new battery of Millat. During 6 months you can change the battery free if it have shown any problem.
Millat batteries is made with good materials,you can purchase it in any city of Pakistan.If you are interested to known the price list of other batteries used in the Pakistan,then visit our page.We will provide you all the latest data about the prices of Batteries in the Pakistan.You can also check the AGS Batteries Prices in Pakistan.

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