Hajj 2017


Islamic day is start by the sunset.Hajj 2017 will be fall between August 30 and September 04,Insha-Allah,it is estimates by the Fiqah Council of North America.These are best day for all Muslims in the worls.Hajj 2017 takes place from 8th to the 13th of the Zul-Hajj,Zul-hajj is the last month of the Hijri Calender. Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca,Land of the Adam when he recognized his Allah,birth place of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) and also the city of the Mecca.

Hajj is a fundamental of Islam.Every Muslim every year go on Hajj,and every Muslim have wish to go on Hajj one time must in life.We provide you all details of Hajj every year.All data of the Hajj is collected from the online resources,if there is any mistake you will show it in the comments.

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