Hajj 2018 Application Form, Policy, Rules, Dues & Info

Hajj is an annual pilgrimage to mecca. Millions or billions Muslims perform hajj every year. Every Muslim must have a wish to perform Hajj at least in their life. Huge number of Muslims go to Mecca every year to perform Hajj. Those Muslims who are physically and financially strong must perform Hajj. It is says that Hajj is the largest gathering of people in the world. Hajj give us the Message of Islam.

Hajj Policy, Rules & Dues (2018)

Ministry of Religious Affairs, Islamabad has issued the policy for Hajj (2018). Ministry of Religious Affairs also announced Hajj Policy 2018. According to the new Hajj policy, 179,000 people will go on pilgrimage this year.

Hajj applications will be accepted from January 15 to 25, 2018 & Official Hajj draw will be held on January 26, 2018

The applications for Hajj will be received from April. In this year 50% percent pilgrims will perform Hajj at government subsidized packages, while 50%  of people will perform Hajj through private schemes. Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced that they will improve Hajj facility and they would do well their performance for this Hajj. All the facilities will improve this year. A new facility of a special track system is now providing to all Hujjaj in Hajj 2018 in which Hujjaj will be inform their exact location.

Hajj 2018

In Pakistan Hajj 2018 application will be received from 15 to 25 Jan.

Hajj 2018 Dues

Hajj dues for Hajj 2018 under Government Hajj Scheme will be Rs 281,019 and Rs 272,019 for North and South regions respectively

Hajj Application Form

Hajj Application form (2018) not issued till now by Hajj committee. Hajj Application Form will be uploaded on this page as soon as issued by Hajj committee. Visitors of this site will be able soon to get Haj Application form through this site.

Bank Details

Following are the banks who have authority of collecting Hajj Application forms. People also can get or submit their Application forms in these banks. Hajj Application form provided to the people by these banks.

United Bank LTD Pakistan
Habib Bank LTD Pakistan
National Bank of Pakistan
Bank of Punjab
Dubai Islamic Bank of Pakistan
Sindh Bank of Pakistan
Allied Bank LTD Pakistan
First Women Bank LTD Pakistan
Faisal Bank of Pakistan
Muslim Commercial Bank LTD Pakistan
Bank Al-Falah LTD Pakistan
ZaraiTaraqiati Bank LTD Pakistan

Important News

Those people who have performed Hajj in last five years, they are not eligible for applying Hajj Form 2017. Those people who are interested in performing Hajj in this year, must have valid passport. Without passport they would not be able to perform Hajj.

Ramdan and Hajj Time Table 2017 

Islamic Event Gregorian Date Day
Lailat al Miraj 24 April 2017 27 Rajab
Lailat al Bara’ah 12 May 2017 15 Sha’ban
Ramadan 27 May 2017 1st Ramadan
Ghazwa-E-Badr 12 June 2017 17 Ramadan
27th Laylat al Kadr 21 June 2017 26 Ramadan
Eid-al-Fitr 25 June 2017 1st Shuwwal
Wuquf Arafat 31 August 2017 09 Dhulhijja
Eid-al-Adha 01 September 2017 10 Dhulhijja
Hijra-Islamic New Year 21 September 2017 1st Muharram
Ashura Day 30 September 2017 10 Muharram
Milad-un-Nabi 01 December 2017 12 Rabi ul AwaI

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