Guess paper of Physics 9th Class All Boards

Guess paper of Physics 9th Class All Boards

Physics is a important subject. With the help of physics we made many new things which made our work easy. Physics also help other subject in many fields. Here we share with you some important question of Physics of 9th class. If you are a student of 9th class then you get many advantages from it.

Important Long Questions of 9th Class Physics

  • Define kinetic molecular model for solids, liquids and gases briefly.
  • When a gun is passionate, it recoils and Why?
  • Define thermal conductivity. Explain on what factors rate of flow of heat depends upon.
  • Write about the importance of large specific heat capacity of water.
  • What is the difference between scalar and vector quantities.
  • What is plasma. How it from is formed. Give two examples.
  • What is mercury barometer. Describe its construction and working principle.
  • What is meant by scientific notation. Explain it with examples.
  • What is kinetic molecular model of matter.
  • What is centrifugal force. Explain.
  • What is a stop watch. Write its types and give least count of each of them.
  • What is a screw gauge also give its construction and working.
  • What is a greenhouse. How Green house effect is produced in nature.
  • Define young’s modules.
  • The density of air is 1.3Kgm-3. Find the mass of air in a room measuring 8m x 5m x 4m.
  • Define Archimedes Principle.
  • Explain the secure condition for equilibrium.
  • Define law of conservation of momentum.
  • Write about Archimedes Principle.
  • State and demonstrate Pascal’s law.
  • Writ principle of Hydraulic press works.
  • How would you find the specific heat of solid.
  • How various surfaces can be comparing by a Leslie cube. Explain it.
  • How much ice will melt by 50000 J of heat. Latent heat of fusion office=336000 Jkg-1 (150g).
  • How much heat is required to increase the temperature of 0.5 kg off water from 10°C to 65°C.
  • Write types of motion.
  • Explain vernier constant.
  • Find the perpendicular components of a force of 50N making an angle of 30° with x-axis.
  • Find the magnitude and direction of a force whose x- component is 12N and y-component is 5N.
  • A car weighing 12 KM has speed of 20ms. Find its kinetic energy.
  • A car starts from rest, It’s velocity becomes 20 ms-1 in 8 s write its acceleration.
  • A 50kg man moved 25 steps up in 20 seconds, get power each step is 16cm high.

We mentioned here that all information is collected from on-line resources. If you need any more help about guess paper and important question, then you can comment us below.

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