Guess Paper of 9th class Computer Science Available

Guess Paper of 9th class Computer Science Available

Computer Science is very interesting subject, mostly students have wish to get admission in Computer field because now-a-days technology got a huge progress in computer field. In Pakistan a complete paper system available which is adopt in all private and government sector. Those students who have wish to got good marks in annual examination, he should Bookmark this page because we provide you all important question of all Books. Here we are sharing with you important question of Computer science.

Important Long Question

  • Write about anti-virus?
  • Describe data organization with in a byte or in a word properly.
  • Describe various steps involved in dialogue recognition?
  • Difference between window surveyor and Internet Explorer briefly.
  • Write about a Windows? Describe different Windows Controls.
  • State the purpose of Internet Explorer.
  • Define any two examples of anti-virus program.
  • Write difference between track ball and mouse.
  • Explain the types of computer languages also discuss.
  •  Explain the Real-time operating system (RTOS).
  • Explain 3 main data types used in different computer applications.
  • Write about Number System aslo write note a on Decimal Number System and Hexadecimal Number System.
  • Explain the taxonomy of computers according to the type of data handled.
  • Write a note on computer virus and also explain how we can prevent our computers from it.
  • Write a note on first and second generation of computer.
  • Define Operating System and what are different types of Operating System based upon.
  • Write a note on Functions and jobs of an Operating System.
  • Define Bus and also write note a on different types of Buses.
  • Write difference Distribution Law and Associative Law?
  • Write steps to open a recently used document.
  • Write a note on System software .
  • Write about the difference between a digital and analog computer.
  •  Define ports and also write a note on different types of ports .
  • Describe the advancements in the computer during the 1950’s and 2015s.
  • Write about CPU also describe briefly its main functions.
  • Explain a plotter?
  • What did you say about Compilers and Interpreters.
  • Write about difference between data and information?
  • Explain the types of data briefly.
  • Write difference between softcopy output and hardcopy output.
  • Explain the purpose and working of the main memory.
  • Explain the purpose and working of hard disk.
  • Describe briefly the conversion of different number systems.
  • Define Computer and write a note on Mainframe and minicomputer.
  • Define computer and also give some examples of computer applications.
  • What are the disadvantages of using Boolean algebraic laws.
  • Define Boolean algebra and explain various logical operators used in it.
  • Modern computer are based on stored program concept.
  • Name different areas of a keyboard and some key functions.
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of K-map method?
  • Explain command line operating systems?
  • How data is organized on magnetic disks?
  • Explain using a labeled diagram the idea of track and sector when describing magnetic disk storage.
  • What are output devices, also explain any two types of output devices.
  • Differentiate between system software and application software?
  • Write briefly the Service software and its types .
  • Explain software briefly.
  • What are the types of a software.
  • Write about ROM and also discuss its different types.
  • Explain Language Translator.
  • Write a note on special types of Language Translators.
  • Write difference between PROM and EPROM.

If you want any more help about any guess in Pakistan then you should contact us. We here informed you that we collected all guess data from online resources so mistake also possible.

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