COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) Admission 2017

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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, also known as CIIT, is a public research university in Pakistan. COMSATS is a famous university of Pakistan. Every year thousand of students get admission in this university. It is a multi-campus institute with its headquarters located in the urban area of Islamabad. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology have complete admission procedure and all seats filled on merit. COMSATAS Univesity is established by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South which was recognized in Islamabad on 4 & 5 October 1994, the commission as of 2015 has 23 member state. COMSATS university is a public research university and known as no. 1 university in IT fied. The CIIT was established in 1998 with charter in August 2000.

COMSATS University Admission 2017

Following Undergraduate & Graduate programs for the Eligible Candidates.

  • Masters Degree Programs ( Medical and Engineering faculties and also in different medical faculties)
  • Bachelor Degree Programs (Physics, Chemistry, Medical and Engineering faculties)

COMSATS Admission Schedule 2017

Date Schedule
22nd July 2016 Last Date for Submission of Application
19th June2016, 24th July 2016, 31th July 2016 (special test) NTS (NAT)
17 July 2016, 31th July 2016 NTS GAT GENERAL
31 July 2016 NTS GAT SUBJECT
9 August 2016 Display Of First Merit List

COMSATS Admission 2016


Course & Programs

  • Associate degree in Education
  • BS Computer Science
  • Bachelors of Business Studies
  • BS Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Physics
  • BS Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor fo Economics
  • Bachelor of Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
  • Bachelor of Electrical (Computer) Engineering
  • Bachelor of Biosciences
  • Bachelor of Electrical Telecommunication Engineering
  • BS Design
  • MA English
  • BS Architecture
  • MBA Executive
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MCS Computer Science
  • MPA Public Administration
  • MS Project Management
  • MS Banking & Finance
  • MS Physics
  • MS Biosciences
  • MS Economics
  • MS Mathematics
  • MBA
  • MS Bioinformatics
  • MS International Relations
  • MS Health Informatics
  • MS Nanotechnology
  • MS Computer Scinece
  • MS Molecular Genetics
  • MS Molecular Virology
  • MS Energy Management
  • MS English Linguistics
  • MS Information Security
  • MS English Literature
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Software Engineering
  • MS Computer Engineering
  • MS Remote Sensing & GIS
  • MS Management Science
  • MS Microbiology & Immunology
  • MS Renewable Energy Engineering
  • MS Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • MS Mechatronics Engineering
  • PhD Bioscience
  • PhD Physics
  • PhD Meteorology
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Molecular Genetics
  • PhD Computer Engineering
  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Management Science
  • PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • PhD Microbiology & Immunology

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Sub Campus

  • Vehari
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Wah
  • Abbottabad
  • Sahiwal

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Alumni

Alumni (New Registrations) Campus Registration # Session Program
Amnah Nabras Islamabad  SP10/BBA/039/ISB 2016 BS(BS) View Details
Abdullah Chaudhry Islamabad FA12/BS(BS)/016/ISB 2016 BSE View Details
Maseehullah Khan Islamabad FA12/BSE/005/ISB 2013 BS(CS) View Details
Chakar Khan Islamabad FA09/BCS/153/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Taskeen Zehra Islamabad FA10/BBA/123/ISB 2014 RMS View Details
muhammad Aamir Islamabad FA12/RMS/042/ISB 2014 MBA View Details
Azka Masood Islamabad SP11/MBA/026/ISB 2014 MBA View Details
Ahsan Salamat Islamabad SP11/MBA/062/ISB 2012 BS(BA) View Details
Asim Inayat Islamabad SP08/BBA/083/ISB 2014 MSPM View Details
Abdullah Khan Islamabad SP12/RPM/012/ISB 2014 MSPM View Details
Sara Altaf Islamabad SP12/MSPM/032/ISB 2014 RMS View Details
Newrose Zaidi Islamabad FA12/RMS/033/ISB 2014 RBS View Details
mudassir Zaman Khan Islamabad FA12/RBS/014/ISB 2014 MEM View Details
Sundas Amjad Islamabad FA12/REM/007/ISB 2014 RBS View Details
Jazba Anum Islamabad FA12/RBS/025/ISB 2014 RBS View Details
Rashid Minhas Islamabad FA12/RBS/008/ISB 2014 REM View Details
Sumaira Akhtar Islamabad FA12/REM/005/ISB 2014 RBS View Details
Ambreen Zafar Islamabad FA12/RBS/023/ISB 2014 RBS View Details
Adeela Farqan Islamabad FA12/RBS/002/ISB 2014 RPM View Details
Aroosa Inam Islamabad SP12/RPM/027/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Ayesha Umar Rehman Islamabad FA10/BBA/174/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Syed Ahsan Haider Islamabad FA10/BBA/106/ISB 2014 MBA View Details
Anum Aslam Islamabad SP11/MBA/048/ISB 2014 RMS View Details
Muhammad Naveed Islamabad FA12/RMS/037/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
zeeshan Riaz Islamabad FA10/BBA/195/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Ali Syed Islamabad FA10/BBA/136/ISB 2012 BET View Details
Tariq Yousaf Islamabad FA07/BET/010/ISB 2008 BS(BA) View Details
omer bhatti Islamabad SP04/BBA/045/ISB 2011 BS(Arch) View Details
Tehseen Azhar Islamabad FA06/BS(Arch)/039/ISB 2011 BS(BA) View Details
Hafiz Adnan Ahmad Baig Islamabad FA07/BBA/143/ISB 2010 MS(Met) View Details
Nadia Ashraf Islamabad FA08/RME/005/ISB 2014 BS(BI) View Details
Amna siddqui Islamabad SP10/BSB/023/ISB 2008 BS(CE) View Details
Arooj Mubashara Siddiqui Islamabad FA04/BCE/054/ISB 2009 BET View Details
Usman Shehzad Islamabad FA05/BET/012/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Mudasar Shehzad Islamabad SP10/BBA/059/ISB 2014 MSPM View Details
Shaikh Sohaib Shahid Islamabad SP13/MSPM/229/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Sidra Perwaiz Islamabad SP10/BBA/035/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Aman Ali Islamabad SP12/RBA/009/ISB 2014 BS(Phy) View Details
Ammar Ahmad Shahid Islamabad FA08/BS(Phy)/002/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Nabeel Ahmad Khan Islamabad FA09/BBA/097/ISB 2014 BEL View Details
Shuaib Alam Islamabad SP10/BEL/033/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Sumair Alam Islamabad SP10/BBA/036/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Nusrat Hina Islamabad SP10/BBA/052/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Saamia Shahid Islamabad SP10/BBA/026/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Raja Hassam Irfan Islamabad SP10/BBA/031/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Najam us Saqib Zahoor Islamabad SP09/BCS/071/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Ali Mehdi Sagheer Khan Islamabad SP08/BCS/041/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Hunain Zahid Kayani Islamabad FA08/BCS/006/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Khurram Javed Islamabad SP09/BCS/019/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Sultan Rahim Islamabad SP10/BBA/061/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Imran Farooq Islamabad SP10/BBA/054/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Lateef Ullah Islamabad SP10/BBA/051/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Atif Shafique Satti Islamabad SP10/BET/094/ISB 2014 BET View Details
Faheem Abbas Islamabad FA09/BS(Phy)/024/ISB 2014 BS(Phy) View Details
Hafiz Muhammad Zohaib Islamabad FA08/BET/048/ISB 2014 BET View Details
Saqlain Saqib Islamabad SP09/BS(Phy)/006/ISB 2013 BS(Phy) View Details
Matthe ur Rehman Islamabad FA09/BS(Phy)/018/ISB 2014 BS(Phy) View Details
Neelam Zaib Islamabad SP10/BBA/025/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
M. Ziyad Bhatti Islamabad SP10/BBA/023/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Nimrash Khattak Islamabad FA09/BCS/074/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
M. Farhan Siddique Islamabad FA12/RBA/009/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Samar Munawar Islamabad SP10/BBA/030/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Naeem Khan Niazi Islamabad FA09/BEC/015/ISB 2013 BEC View Details
Izza Arshad Islamabad SP10/BBA/068/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Rimsha Shahid Islamabad SP10/BBA/028/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Iqra Rafique Islamabad SP10/BBA/015/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Durre shawar Awan Islamabad SP10/BBA/010/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Beenish Asif Islamabad SP10/BBA/050/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Asma Hayat Islamabad SP10/BBA/007/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Sobia Azam Islamabad FA12/RBA/010/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Ammar Shahid Islamabad FA12/RBA/013/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Hassan Irshad khan Islamabad FA12/RBA/006/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Adnan Aslam Islamabad FA09/BBA/003/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Muhammad Arslan Khan Islamabad SP10/BEL/012/ISB 2014 BEL View Details
Taimoor Hassan Islamabad SP10/BBA/044/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
M. Safdar Saeed Islamabad FA09/BBA/063/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Hamna Khalid Islamabad SP12/RBA/001/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Maryam Tufail Islamabad SP12/RBA/007/ISB 2014 RBA View Details
Shah Faisal Iqbal Islamabad FA09/BET/161/ISB 2014 BET View Details
Waqas Khan Islamabad FA09/BET/171/ISB 2014 BET View Details
M. Nasir Aziz Islamabad FA09/BBA/060/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Muhammad Arslan Zia Islamabad SP10/BBA/066/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Ali Haider Islamabad SP10/BEC/008/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Usama Bin Afzal Islamabad SP10/BEC/006/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Hamza Naveed Islamabad FA09/BEC/022/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Waqar Ahmad Islamabad FA09/BBA/104/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Nomana Sadaf Islamabad FA09/BBA/073/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Zain Basharat Islamabad SP10/BCS/078/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Waleed Sajid Islamabad SP10/BCS/073/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Wasim Z Khan Islamabad SP10/BCS/075/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Shunaila Irshad Islamabad SP10/BBA/037/ISB 2014 BS(BA) View Details
Ali Arshad Islamabad SP10/BCS/085/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Muhammad Abdul Raheem Islamabad SP10/BEL/032/ISB 2014 BEL View Details
Ahsan Iqbal Malik Islamabad FA09/BCS/009/ISB 2014 BS(CS) View Details
Mujtaba Ali Islamabad SP10/BEC/017/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Hubba Khatoon Islamabad SP10/BEC/001/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Khoula Ahmad Islamabad SP10/BEC/005/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Faiza Ashraf Islamabad SP10/BEC/007/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Sarah Ijaz Islamabad SP10/BEC/002/ISB 2014 BEC View Details
Nida Shahab Islamabad SP10/BCS/048/ISB 2013 BS(CS) View Details
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COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Contact Detail

Islamabad Campus

Academics / Student Affairs

  • Name: Mr. Ahmed Mumtaz Mustehsan
  • Email:
  • Designation: Additional Registrar (Academics)
  • Phone: (92-51) 9247000-3


  • Name: Mr. Fayyaz Hussain
  • Email:
  • Designation: Additional Registrar
  • Phone: (92-51) 051-9247000-3. Ext 5102


Name: Ms. Seemi Haq


Designation: Senior Program Officer

Phone: (92-51) 9049 5032 & 9049 5033

Abbottabad Campus

  • Name: Ms. Shah Malika Eraj
  • Email:
  • Designation: Deputy Registrar
  • Fax: 0992-383441
  • Phone: 0992-383591-6
  • Name: Ms. Zainab Irshad
  • Email:
  • Designation: Program Officer
  • Fax: 0992-383441
  • Phone: 0992-383591-6
  • Name: Mr. Ghias Ud Din Shah
  • Email:
  • Designation: Incharge Student Affairs/Admission
  • Phone: 0992-383596, 0346-6111189
  • Fax: 0992-383441

Wah Campus

  • Name: Mr. Jawwad Ahmad
  • Email:
  • Designation: Deputy Registrar
  • Fax: 051-4546850
  • Phone: 051-9272614-5

Lahore Campus

  • Name: Mr. Rashid Ahmad Khan
  • Email:
  • Designation: Additional Registrar
  • Fax: 042-99203100
  • Phone: 042-111-001-007

Attock Campus

  • Name: Mr. Malik Saleem Khan
  • Email:
  • Designation: Deputy Registrar
  • Fax: 057-9316329
  • Phone: 057-9316330-1

Sahiwal Campus

  • Name: Mr. Rana Adeel Abad
  • Email:
  • Designation: Deputy Registrar
  • Fax: 040-4305006
  • Phone: 040-9200100, 4305001-5

Virtual Campus

  • Name: Mr. Ch. Muhammad Irfan
  • Email:
  • Designation: Deputy Registrar (Academics / Student Affairs)
  • Fax: 051-9269815
  • Phone: 051-9262236-8
  • Name: Mr. Muhammad Arshad
  • Email:
  • Designation: Manager (HR)
  • Fax: 051-9269815
  • Phone: 051-9262236-8

Vehari Campus

  • Name: Mr. Yasir Ikram
  • Email:
  • Designation: Assistant Registrar
  • Phone: 067-3001606

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