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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan who is founded in 1947. PTCL is a famous company and used large number in Pakistan. In this page we share with you a great thing of PTCL. Usually every person in Pakistan use PTCL. Now you no need to go swap for Duplicate bill. As In many cases we need duplicate bill, Now you can confirm PTCL telephone Bill online free just by incoming your phone number and Account ID.

The client usually wants to get his duplicate bills due to some common reasons which might include that the bill of client is lost after delivery, the person being liable to deliver the bill is not delivering the bill, the buyer might be unable to take delivery of the bill and motionless there are many more reason which might leads a being to find his PTCL Bill Online.

Now tick on below link and pierce your PTCL telephone number and Your PTCL ID as written on your big bill and click on Search button to view your present month telephone bill.

Click Here to Check Your PTCL Bill Online

After checking the detail of your bill, you should save your bill record in your system as a record. You can also pay your PTCL bills online after creation a account on PTCL website. You can make PTCL report from Here.


  • Visit your nearest PTCL clientele Center for correction, If you establish any errors on your bill.
  • Forever ensure bill month to verify that it is existing month bill.
  • If you found any errors phone PTCL online support to decide the issue.
  • To pay bills online you ought to have online credits cards with enough balance.

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from online resources. In condition of any more help about any PTCL detail, you can comment us below.

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