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Bilal Travles

Bilal travels is a good transport company in Pakistan, The mission of Bilal travels is to expand an everlasting and blossoming association with our customers. To achieve this, we strive incessantly and persistently to explore new and improved avenues which would go a long way in if better services for our patrons, also maintaining, in turn a sustainable enlargement in profits. This transport company known in top 1 transport company of Pakistan. Mostly people of Pakistan like to travel with this bus service and its all buses reached on all stations on time.

Bilal Travels is a famous transport company in Pakistan. Mostly people in Pakistan like to travel with Bilal travels because good and comfortable journey available with Bilal travels. You get complete detail of Bilal travels fares, about and routes from this page.

The buses are customer friendly, equipped with following

  • Air conditioning
  • Recline capable, Ample & seating arrangement
  • Two large LCD screens, one midway & one at the front
  • Neck cushion for added comfort & Pillows
  • Headphones with multichannel hold function


All our terminals are equipped with state of the art technology which are

  • Point of sale devices & Use of scanners
  • Computer mechanical ticketing system
  • A custom based Entity Resource Planning (ERP) System
  • Bus tracking systems
  • IP phones
  • Dedicated fiber optic line hold for WAN
  • CCTV & Security cameras

Bilal Travel Terminals in Pakistan

  • Faisalabad
  • Lahore
  • Sahiwal
  • Rawalpindi
  • Multan
  • Peshawar
  • Bahawalpur
  • Murree
  • Sadiqabad
  • Mardan
  • Mirpur Azad Kashmir
  • Swat
  • Arif Wala
  • Bur-e-Wala
  • Cheecha Watnee
  • Chishtian
  • Bahawalnagar
  • Vehari

Bilal Travel Routes

Bilal Travels is only Bus service in Pakistan who give bus facility in all cities of Pakistan. Every day million of citizens move from one place to another with Bilal travels.

Rawalpindi Lahore 4.15 Hours
Peshawar Lahore 5.30 Hours
Bahawalpur Lahore 6.30 Hours
MirpurKashmir Bahawalpur 12.30Hours
Swat Rawalpindi 4.30Hours
Vehari/ Bure Wala Lahore 06.00Hours
Faisalabad Lahore 1.45 Hours
Multan Lahore 4.15 Hours
Murree Lahore 5.30 Hours
Sadiqabad Lahore 10.30Hours
Multan Rawalpindi 07.30Hours
Chishtian/ Bahawalnagar Lahore 05.00Hours

Bilal Travels Fares

Bilal Travels is a good and famous transport company in Pakistan which have all facilities which a passenger usually need in a Bus. Fares of Bilal Travels are less then all other transport companies. You get complete fare list of Bilal Travels from this page.

Fare Duration From To
890 Rs 6:30 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Murree
890 Rs 5:30 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Peshawar
350 Rs 2:30 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Sahiwal
800 Rs 7:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi D.G Khan
1400 Rs 9:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Sadiqabad
800 RS 7:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Bahawalpur
1000 Rs 8:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Ahmad pur sharqia
600 Rs 6:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Muzaffargarh (Day)
700 Rs 6:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Muzaffargarh (Night)
900 Rs 4:15 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Lahore
250 Rs 2:00 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Okara
650 Rs 5:15 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Multan
1400 Rs 9:30 Islamabad / Rawalpindi Rahim Yaar Khan
730 Rs 4:30 Lahore Rawalpindi
1000 Rs 6:30 Lahore Murree
370 Rs 2:30 Lahore Sahiwal- Luxury
620 Rs 5:15 Lahore Multan- Economy
620 Rs 5:15 Lahore Multan- Luxury
1400 Rs 9:30 Lahore Rahim Yar Khan
800 Rs 6:30 Lahore Bahawalpur
800 Rs 6:00 Lahore Muzaffargarh
700 Rs —— Lahore Khanewal
950 Rs —— Lahore JamPur
1000 Rs —– Lahore FazalPur
1400 Rs 9:00 Lahore Sadiqabad
1000 RS —— Lahore Rajan Pur
950 Rs 8:00 Lahore Ahmadpur East
350 Rs 2:30 Lahore Sahiwal- Economy
250 Rs 2:00 Lahore Okara
2600 Rs 21:00 Lahore Karachi
1080 Rs —— Lahore Liaqatpur
1300 Rs —— Lahore Khan Pur
800 Rs 7:00 Lahore D.G. Khan
900 Rs 5:15 Lahore Peshawar

Contact Detail

Address : Bakar Mandi Band Road, Near Abdullah Travels, Bilal Travels Lahore Pakistan.

Mobile : +92-342-2874444

Telephone : +92-42-111287444

UAN : +92-City Code-111-287-444

Email :

FAX : +92-42 -7582373

Follow us  :


It is mentioned here that all information is collected from online resources. In condition of any more help about any other fare, you can comment us below. If you are interested in admission, jobs, internship programs, telecom & fee structure then you get complete detail from this page because we update all latest info on this page.

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