Apna Ghar Housing Scheme Application Form And Procedure

Apna Ghar Housing Scheme Application Form And Procedure

Federal government is going to launch “Apna Ghar Scheme” soon for those people who don’t have their own house. Half a million 50000 low cost houses will be constructed under this project and aim of this project is to provided the low cost of houses to the low income people of the Pakistan. These houses will be provided on easy and comfortable installments. Ministry for housing and works will monitor this project.

Prime Minister has announced the Ashiana Housing Scheme, Apna Ghar Scheme in Pakistan for the low cost houses and these houses are for poor people in Pakistan. If you are eligible for this scheme then you will get complete information about this scheme from this page. We will provide you complete & full information of this scheme and give you application form in time and complete producer of application and give full detail of documents which are required.


Loan Facility Avail

Purchase of House or Flat & Construction

Minimum Rs 500,000/- or Maximum Rs 50 Million.

Construction of house on self owned plot

Minimum Rs 500,000/- or Maximum Rs 25 Million.

Renovation or Home Improvement Monthly

Minimum Rs 500,000/- or Maximum Rs 5 Million.

Note: Monthly Installment should not exceed 50% of disposable income and Tenure of loan is 3 to 20 years.


  • Age between 21 & 60 years.
  • Permanent or contractual employee with minimum 03 years experience.
  • Businessman & Professionals (SEPor SEB).
  • Age between 25 & 65 years.
  • Minimum 03 Years in current business.

For Non Resident Pakistanis

  • Age between 25 & 65 years.
  • Have valid documentary proof of at lease 03 years of perpetual income in foreign country as salaried individual or SEB or SEP.


Required Documents

  • Copy of valid CNIC.
  • Two Recent passport size Photographs.
  • Bank Statement.
  • Latest Copy of utility bills of residence & office.
  • Documentary evidence in business or in the profession for the last 03 years.
  • Copy of professional degree for self-employed professionals.
  • Copy Proprietorship Certificate.

For Non Resident Pakistanis

  • Copy of valid passport at time of approval.
  • Copy of valid residency or  work permit VISA.
  • Bank statement of last 01 year in foreign country showing income source.
  • Documentary proof of employment.
  • Any documentary evidence of living address.

Download Form

All the information is collected from online resources, in condition of any more help you can comment us below. Check PRIME MINISTER’S INTEREST FREE LOANS SCHEME all details and get form from this page.

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