Zong 4 G Internet Packages Detail

Zong is a famous mobile network who have best internet packages. Zong is a China mobile company who got progress in all Pakistan with in few days. Mostly people in Pakistan like to use Zong mobile network. Zong have best Call Packages, Internet Packages and SMS packages.

Type : Telecommunication Operator

Predecessor : Paktel

Industry : Telecommunications, Mobile Communications

Headquarters : Islamabad, Pakistan

Key People : Liu Dianfeng

Area Served : Pakistan

Products : Mobile services, 3G & 4G services, Telephony, Timepay Mobile Banking, High Speed Broadband, HD Digital TV Cable, FTTH GPON

Help Line : 310

Parent : China Mobile

Official Website : www.zong.com.pk

Zong offers both 3G and 4G internet coverage with 4G being offered in main cities only while Zong 3G cover the rest of the cities of the country. More details are obtainable here for Zong 3G coverage and Zong 4G coverage. You get complete detail of Zong Call Packages, Internet Packages and SMS packages Detail from this page.

Zong Late Night Offer Detail

  • Profit : 1GB internet
  • Price : Rs 6 counting all taxes
  • Activation : Write gno in sms & send it to 6464
  • Power : 1 am to 9 am

Zong Daytime Offer Detail

  • Benefits : 2GB internet
  • Price : Rs 10 including all taxes
  • Activation :  Write dto in sms & send it to 6464
  • Validity : 4 am to 4 pm

Zong Daily Mini Offer Detail

  • Reimbursement : 20 MB
  • Price : Rs 5 including all taxes
  • Activation Method : Write mini in new sms and send it to 6464
  • Validity : 24 hours

Zong Daily Premium Bundle Detail

  • Benefits : 200 MB
  • Price : Rs 25 all taxes built-in
  • Activation : Write dp in sms & send it to 6464
  • Validity : 24 hours

Zong Daily Basic Bundle Detail

  • Repayment : 100 MB
  • Price : Rs 15 including all taxes
  • Opening : Write db in sms & send it to 6464
  • Validity : 24 hours

Zong All in One Bundle Detail

Benefits : 40 Zong minutes + 4 other network minutes + 40 MB + 400 sms

Price : Rs 20 including all taxes

Activation : Write daily20 in sms & send it to 6464

Soundness : 1 Day

Terms and Conditions

  • 3G bundles can also be worn with 2G network.
  • All taxes are built-in in the packages prices.
  • Beware of non-payment rate with no any bundle is 20 rupees per MB.
  • All bundle are auto subscribe if you have enough balance.

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from online resources. In condition of any more help about any mobile network package, you can comment us below.

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