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Volta Batteries are known the top 1 battery brand in the Pakistan.It is available in different sizes and voltage.Volta battery is a trust worthy and economical power solution for everyone in the Pakistan.On purchasing of new Volta battery you can get 6 months of warranty and in condition of any problen during six months, you can change it free.Volta battery have longer lifetime and also made by the best material.Volta batteries are used in different things, so it is available in different size. In this page we will give you the complete uses of the Volta battery.

  • In Heavy machines for starting like truck and tractors etc.
  • In UPS.
  • In bikes.
  • Hevy industries also have use of battery.
  • Cars and orther such things.

Volta Battery Price List


All the data providing in this page is collected from the online resources, In condition of any mistake you can comment us below.Batteries are passing from many step when it was made and tested many times so that it give no harm to any person.There is a sepcific life time of the battery, but you also increase the life time of the battery. So read the following instructions carefully to increase the lifetime of the Battery.

  • Never use battery with out initial charging.
  • Charge the battery till it reaches to 15 V.
  • Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte.
  • After adding electrolyte connect it with charger which give 10 % ampere of battery capacity.
  • Make sure that before adding the electrolyte,battery was completely seales and air tight.
  • Keep battery on dry place.

Volta Battery Price List

No of Plates Price (Rs.) Battery Type Acid
9 3100-00 NS48 Free
11 3600-00 CR60L
11 4000-00 N60
12 4500-00 NS65
9 4050-00 N70
11 4500-00 N80ZL
13 5700-00 NS90
15 6500-00 V100Z
15 6500-00 V100ZL
17 8200-00 N130
19 8700-00 N135
19 8900-00 N140
23 11000-00 NS185
25 13000-00 N220
27 14000-00 NS240
31 ——— N260
11 3400-00 CNG50L
11 4000-00 CNG60L
——— IPS800
——— IPS1100
——— IPS1300
——— IPS1600
9 3100-00 NS48L
21 10500-00 NS175
15 7800-00 T120
11 5000-00 N90A
13 5800-00 N95
23 12800-00 N200
11 4500-00 N80Z
11 4000-00 N60L
12 4500-00 NS65L

Volta is a top quality brand in the Pakistan.There are also many other companies batteries available in the Pakistan.You can also check the Price of CBS Batteries used in the Pakistan.


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