UHS MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2018

Punjab Government of Medical and Dental Colleges entrance test schedule has been uploaded now. Candidates who want to take part in entrance test, they were asking about it again and again so now they are all informed that entrance test schedule has been finalized and now they can check it right now. Candidates who have passed intermediate part one with good grades in medical sense; they can apply for entry test. This time University of health and Science announced that, there will be no any change in criteria or eligibility. Its complete eligibility and criteria is also given on this page. Candidates who don’t have enough information about it, they are all requested to read the entire article so that they may come to know the complete information that they want to get. First let read out the importance of entry test, after this you will b able to check the complete procedure of getting admission in any Medical or Dental college to do MBBS or BDS.

As university of health and science give equal chance to the entire candidates to get admission in MBBD or BDS so it organizes entry test every year. Candidates must pass this test by securing enough marks which will decide their admission in nay government institute. There will be no any chance to get admission in government institute; if any form them will not attempt this test. University of Health and Science will decide that at where you will fell on getting how many marks. It is time to prepare yourself for the entrance test as a total percentage of 50% from your test will include in your marks sheet which will make you admission confirm in nay government institute. Now read out the eligibility and criteria form given below information.

Candidates who got at least 60% marks in FSC Pre-Medical can apply for entry test

Without entry test, admission will not confirmed

  • 50% of entrance test will include in marks sheet
  • 40% of FSC result will include in marks sheet
  • 10% of Secondary result will include in marks sheet

After announcing entry test result, candidates will calculate their result. Candidates will be able to get admission in that specific institute in which their admission will confirm by the University of Health and Science. There are four section in the UHS MDCAT Entry Test and these are of Physics, Chemistry, English, and Biology and the total entry test consists of 220 MCQ’s Questions which are as follows

  • Biology 88 MCQ’s
  • English 30 MCQ’s
  • Physics 44 MCQ’s
  • Chemistry 58 MCQ’s

Article of the day has been completed. Now if any from them has any kind of problem, must share it with us. We will try our best to fix it in maximum time. Candidates will also able to calculate their result on the same page. You will also able to update yourself with all the latest news but for it, you have to stay connected with this site.

University of Health Science has finalized the schedule of MCAT test. Now candidates just want to check the formula that how their result will calculate and how much marks they have to get to get admission in any medical institute to do MBBS or BDS. Now here is complete information that will help you a lot to know the exact that thing which you want to get. First let start it form the paper pattern so that you may come to know the official paper pattern and you may also make yourself able to prepare yourself according to this official procedure.

There will be a total 220 MCQ’S in paper. These MCQ’S will hold general knowledge. Candidates are required to mark at least 190 MCQ’S correct. You have to prepare four subjects from where these MCQ’S will ask. Below is pattern in which you will come to know that how much MCQ’S will ask from which subject. Read the blow information. Each MCQ’S will have equal importance.

  • A total 88 MCQ’S will ask from Biology subject
  • A total 58 MCQ’S will ask from Chemistry subject
  • A total 44 MCQ’S will ask form Physics subject
  • A total 30 MCQ’S will ask from English subject

Now let’s talk about result calculation. We will discuss it in short way although if you want to get its complete detail, must visit this site where complete article about it is uploaded. Well a half of the entry test mark will decide your admission but intermediate marks will also effect on your marks sheet. Below is the table from where you will get that how your mark sheet will design for admission.

  • A 50% of entry test will include in mark sheet (1100×0.50=50%)
  • A 40% of intermediate result will include in mark sheet (1100×0.40=40%)
  • A 10% of secondary result will include in mark sheet (1100×0.10=10%)

Candidates who will get 90% aggregate, they can say that they are able to get admission in any medical institute. It is approximately finalized that aggregate will close at 88% so you have to work hard to get good grades in the entry test and also in intermediate final exams result.

Candidates are required to get at least 975 out of 1100 in all formats including secondary, intermediate and entry test. Now here will be a question in your mind that how to calculate your result so below is calculator procedure and you can simple check your result by applying this procedure.

  • Obtained marks divided by total marks then multiply with 1100 and further multiply with level percentage likewise
  • You got 1000 marks in entry test now you will calculate it through this procedure
  • 1000/1100 x 1100 x 0.50
  • You will get 500 which will be your marks in entry test

Now if you still have any problem or you are facing any trouble to clear any point, don’t feel disturbance to ask it to us by leaving a comment below.

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