UET Lahore Admission 2018 And ECAT Date

UET is the abbreviation of University of Engineering And Technology  is one of the no 1 govt. university in Pakistan.Mostly students who passed Intermediate examination with good marks and have interest in Engineering the can apply in this university.This university is located in Lahore(Pakistan).University of Engineering And Technology have also its sub campus.

UET Admission 2018

ECAT 2018 will be held this year on 15th July, 2018

UET has following campus.

  • UET Faisalabad
  • UET KSK(Kala Shah Kaku)
  • UET Rachna.(Uet Rachna College of Engineering Technology)
  • UET Narowal

University of Engineering And Technology every year open his admission in August and provide all information about applying and appearing in the test. ECAT test is very important to have admission in UET and all its sub campus.You can get all information of  UET admission 2018 and ECAT test date from this page. Ecat test usually held on Sunday at 10 A.M.Reporting time is about 9 A.M.

UET is one of the topper university in Pakistan.The fee of this university is less then all universities in Pakistan.Those students who pass the Intermediate examination with good marks and also entry test then they can get admission in University of Engineering And Technology.

Every year more then 45 thousand students can apply in this university.From this you can easily understand the importance of University of Engineering And Technology. UET admission 2018 will be open in August.First apply to ECAT for which CNIC and date of birth is required.Fee of ECAT is 400 only.After passing ECAT you can apply in this university.

ECAT Test Date 2018

ECAT is a test who have 100 question.Every question have 4 marks.If i question you solved wrong then one number is minus from obtained marks.Little time is given to solve the paper.This test is MC quiz type test.

UET offer 16 types of engineering in Pakistan,which are following.

1 . Electrical Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Mechatronics & Control Engineering
4. Civil Engineering
5. Computer Engineering
6. Chemical Engineering
7. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
8. Computer Science
9. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
10. City and Regional planning
11. Environmental Engineering
12. Transportation Engineering
13. Polymer Engineering
14. Product and Industrial Engineering
15. Mining Engineering
16. Geological Engineering

UET have a special type marks calculation method.70 % FSC marks include and 30% ECAT number include.All the year every department change.If the students got high marks ion ECAT then aggregate increase and id less marks obtain then aggregate decrease. We are also given you the first merit list of 2016 which is following.

Mechanical Engineering LHR A 79.67272727
Electrical Engineering LHR A 79.35
Computer Engineering LHR A 78.06590909
Civil Engineering LHR A 77.77272727
Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR A 77.63181818
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR A 77.30681818
Chemical Engineering LHR A 76.89318182
Mechanical Engineering KSK A 76.09318182
Architectural Engineering LHR A 75.80454545
Electrical Engineering KSK A 75.72954545
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR A 74.98181818
Computer Science LHR A 74.69772727
Architecture LHR A 74.27727273
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR A 74.24318182
Chemical Engineering KSK A 73.94772727
Mechanical Engineering RCET A 73.78181818
Civil Engineering NWL A 73.65227273
Electrical Engineering FSD A 73.03636364
City & Regional Planning LHR A 73.00681818
Mechanical Engineering NWL A 72.95454545
Transportation Engineering LHR A 72.79545455
Environmental Engineering LHR A 72.63636364
Chemical Engineering FSD A 72.51363636
Electrical Engineering RCET A 72.27727273
Polymer Engineering LHR A 72.21363636
Mining Engineering LHR A 72.05227273
Geological Engineering LHR A 72.02727273
Electrical Engineering NWL A 71.84545455
Product & Industrial Design LHR A 71.81363636
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD A 71.58863636
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg RCET A 70.70227273
Computer Science RCET A 69.84772727
Electrical Technology KSK A 69.77727273
Mechanical Technology KSK A 69.7
Textile Technology FSD A 69.475
Computer Science NWL A 69.34090909
Chemical Technology KSK A 69.01363636
Bio-Medical Technology KSK A 68.37954545
Electrical Engineering KSK I 71.79647887
Mechanical Engineering KSK I 71.42058824
Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR I 71.21666667
Architecture LHR I 70.93
Electrical Engineering FSD I 70.66971831
Mechanical Engineering RCET I 70.34852941
Electrical Engineering RCET I 69.98732394
Electrical Engineering NWL I 69.9806338
Civil Engineering NWL I 69.905
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD I 69.56086957
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR I 69.20882353
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR I 68.79673913
Chemical Engineering KSK I 68.58970588
Mechanical Engineering NWL I 68.1923913
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg RCET I 68.01304348
Electrical Technology KSK I 66.9471831
Mechanical Technology KSK I 66.40942029
Bio-Medical Technology KSK I 65.84366197
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR I 65.55441176
Chemical Technology KSK I 59.27058824
Mining Engineering LHR I 57.03
Textile Technology FSD I 54.21014493
Mechanical Engineering LHR L 80.50227273
Electrical Engineering LHR L 78.67954545
Electrical Engineering LHR N 78.64090909
Mechanical Engineering LHR N 78.10454545
Civil Engineering LHR N 77.03181818
Chemical Engineering LHR N 76.44545455
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR N 75.95454545
Architecture LHR N 73.50909091
City & Regional Planning LHR N 71.96136364
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR N 70.75454545
Mining Engineering LHR N 70.65909091
Electrical Engineering LHR O 77.35681818
Mechanical Engineering LHR O 75.34090909
Mechanical Engineering NWL P 71.55625
Electrical Engineering FSD P 69.93125
Electrical Engineering LHR R 79.44772727
Electrical Engineering LHR S 73.07954545
Mechanical Engineering LHR S 72.71136364
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR S 70.78409091
Civil Engineering LHR S 70.55681818
Mechatronics & Control Engg LHR S 70.3
Metallurgical & Materials Engg LHR S 68.30227273
Chemical Engineering LHR S 68.20681818
Architectural Engineering LHR S 67.74090909
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg LHR S 67.11590909
Polymer Engineering LHR S 66.625
Mechanical Engineering KSK S 66.45
Chemical Engineering KSK S 66.02954545
Geological Engineering LHR S 65.80227273
Architecture LHR S 65.54772727
Environmental Engineering LHR S 65.48181818
Electrical Engineering KSK S  65.16590909
Mechanical Engineering RCET S 65.01363636
Electrical Engineering RCET S 64.925
Product & Industrial Design LHR S 63.99545455
Transportation Engineering LHR S 63.69090909
Chemical Engineering FSD S 62.65
Civil Engineering NWL S 62.61590909
Electrical Engineering FSD S 60.16136364
Mechanical Engineering NWL S 60.10681818
Electrical Engineering NWL S 59.23636364
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD S 58.85454545
Civil Engineering NWL SI 67.825
Mechanical Engineering KSK SI 66.63235294
Electrical Engineering KSK SI 63.57676056
Mechatronics & Control Engg FSD SI 61.69782609
City & Regional Planning LHR T 70.08863636
Architecture LHR T 67.10227273

You can get other information from the official page of UET.

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