The Greenwich University Fee Structure

The Greenwich University is a private university which is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was established in the year of 1987 and is the oldest private institute in Karachi and also in Sindh. It is affiliated with Higher Education Commission. The vice Chancellor of this university is Ms. Seema Mughal. Every student have a wish to join this university.

Well we are here to talk about its fee structure so here you will get its complete general fee structure as complete general fee structure is given below. This is the time to take a look on it so let’s go below and take a look on this general fee structure.

Application, Prospect and Academic Fee Rs.2,500
Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour (for Under graduation courses) Rs. 3,700
Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour (for Graduation Courses) Rs. 4,900
Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour (for MS & M. Phil Courses) Rs. 6,100
Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour (for Ph. D. Courses) Rs. 9,200
Registration Fee Per Semester (Level 100 to 400) Rs. 4,300
Registration Fee Per Semester (Level 500) Rs. 5,500
Registration Fee Per Semester (Level 600) Rs. 5,500
Registration Fee Per Semester (Level 700) Rs. 8,800
Sports Fee Rs. 2,800
Computer Lab & Research Support Facilities Fee Rs. 2,800
Library Fee (Level 100 to 500) Rs. 1,500
Library Fee (Level 600) Rs. 5,800
Library Fee (Level 700) Rs. 7,400
Examination Fee Per Course (Level 400 to 500) Rs. 750
Examination Fee Per Course (Level 600) Rs. 1,100
Examination Fee Per Course (Level 700) Rs. 7,700
Development Fund Rs. 2,800
Computer Lab Fee (Level 600) Rs. 5,800
Computer Lab (Level 700) Rs. 7,400
Research Advisory Fee (Level 600) Rs. 11,000
Research Advisory Fee (Level 700) Rs. 35,200
Administrative Charges (Transfer of Credit) Rs. 16,500
Withdraw Fee Per Course (Level 100 to 400) Rs. 5,500
Withdraw Fee Per Semester Rs. 7,350
Withdraw Fee Per Semester (Level 600 and Above) Rs. 9,150
Challenge Examination Fee for Level 100 to 400 courses (Per Courses) Rs. 11,100
Challenge Examination Fee for Level 500 courses (Per Courses) Rs. 14,700
Thesis Evaluation Fee for Level 600 and Above Rs. 27,500
M. Phil Conversation Fee Rs. 27, 500
Examination Fee (Level 100 to 400) Per Course Rs. 11,100
Examination Fee (Level 500) Per Course Rs. 14,700
Duplicate University Identity Card Fee Rs. 1,000
Course Add or Drop Fee Rs. 1,000
Removal of Incomplete Grade Fee Rs. 3,500


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