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Solar panel refers to a panel designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Pakistani citizens are also having solar panels install in their homes and office buildings on a private basis for two reasons. Firstly having solar panels installed in buildings will cut the electrical energy bills to a great degree. Therefore, the solar panel price in Pakistan would be compensated by the reduction in the bills. Secondly, the government’s solar energy project is a long term plan which is going to take a long while sooner than the energy crisis of the country has been solve.  In this page we are going to share with you complete price list of solar system. 100 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan 2018, 150 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan 2018, 250 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan 2018, 250 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan, Solar Panel 50 Watt & 100 Watt Price, 650 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan & 450 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan.

Private companies have dissimilar charges for the installation of solar panels in private building & homes. Costs depend on the electricity generation capacity of each solar panel. The price doubles as the generation capacity of the panel’s increases to 50 Watts. On average, for a generation capacity of 25 Watts, the solar panel price in Pakistan is up to Rs 7, 000/-. Similarly, for 100 Watts, the cost is around Rs 28,000/-.

Solar Charge Controllers Price List

Solar Panels Quality Prices Per Watt Life Span of Solar Panels
A Class Panels 80  to 100 8 to 10. Years
A+ Branded Panels 110 to 120 20 to 25 Years
Local made Low Quality Panels 60 to 75 1 to 3 Years
  • 12-Volts 10 Ampere Charge controller  Only Rs 2,900/-
  • 12-V / 24-V auto sense 10-Amp charge controller  Only Rs 3,230/-
  • 24-Volts 20 Amp Charge controller Only Rs 3,900/-

Types of solar panels 

  • Mono Crystalline
  • Poly Crystalline

Note : Mono Crystalline Solar Panels works professionally on higher heats as compare to Poly Solar Panels

Solar System Price In Pakistan

Solar System Price Load Panel Watts
1-KVA 125,000 2 Fan

3 Energy saver


3-KVA 280,000 6 Fan

9 Energy saver

2 LED Tv

1 Deep Freezer

1 Water Pump

1 Washing Machine

5-KVA  6,60,000 10 Fan

15 Energy saver

3 LED Tv

2 Deep Freezer

1 Water Pump

Washing Machine

1.5 Ton AC

2-KVA 225,000 4 Fan

6 Energy saver


4-KVA 5,25,000 8 Fan

10 Energy saver

2 LED Tv

1 Deep Freezer

1 Water Pump

1 Washing Machine

1 Ton AC


Load Calculation

This very first thing that come in our mind that how big solar system you needed? And healthily is is important question for all persons. now give you all detail in this article. You can calculate your load with the help of following table.

Appliance Estimated Watts
Energy saver 8 to 45 watts depend on the power
Padesial Fan 200 to 300
Blender 300
Waffle iron 1200
Frying pan 1200
Toaster Oven 1200
> Laptop
> PC and Monitor
> printer inkjet
50 to 75
100 to 150
60 to 75
Freezer 500 to 800
Iron 1000
 Table Fan 12″ (Inch) 3 speed 50 to 100
Room AC (Depends on Cooling Capacity) 1000 to 2000 Watts
Ceiling Fan (Good Brands) 75  to 100 Watts
Toaster 800 to 1500
Coffee Grinder 100
Microwave (600 to 1000 W cooking power) 1100 to 2000 Watts (elec. consumption)
Hot plate 1200
Blow dryer 900-1500
Refrigerator 600
Vacuum cleaner 300 to 1100
Space Heater 1000 to 1500
Washing Machine 500 to 900

Types of Batteries for Solar Systems

Types of Batteries Features
Sealed Battery Does not release gas hence it can be places indoors.

This is a maintenance free battery and does not need frequent water checks or other monitoring.

Absorbed Glass Matt It is leak proof and does not discharge gas on charging.

Features a glass mat between the plates which enables the battery to be charged for longer than a traditional battery.

Flooded lead acid It has to be maintained regularly, the water level and other maintenance has to be monitored frequently.

This is the most common battery and lasts longer than the rest.

Releases gas when it is charged hence has to be placed outdoors

Deep Cycle Does not have the capacity to produce electricity for a long time and undergoes many charge-discharge cycles daily

Only useful for a small system

It is mentioned here that all info is collected from online resources. In condition of any more help about Solar system, you can comment us below. If you want to get complete price list of batteries, then you get complete detail from this page.


      • But it is not advisable to use it as the reason most people buy into solar power is to save power and by conserving energy with saving excess electrical energy in batteries, you would be able to save more on your bills..

        And what the hell is with Computers only taking 50-100 W. The minimum power supply I could find was rated at 180W i.e. it could in theory provide 180W power to the components at about 75-80% efficiency. Secondly, the PSU will not always consume its rated power so it will only consume the PC components power at all time thus if your PC takes 200W to run and the PSU is rated at 500W at 80% efficiency, it will 250W to run it, thus the PSU will be consuming 250W only.

        Of course, in reality, not everyone would have a high end PC with 1000W PSUs with the components to carry but most people don’t much about computers and their power consumption so if they read your article, they are being misinformed. It is the same with laptops, it depends upon the power brick and it’s specs which depend on the laptop’s specs.

        Just put it as variable instead with a range of 100-1000W.

  1. sir we have to operate 3 ceiling fans 2 padestal fan 4 energy savers & TV LED,how much watt a solar panel should b to operate these appliances? and solar inverter should also be connected or these can b used directly? and which battery power is needed to store solar energy?

  2. hello my name is malik babar shahzad i want to install complete solar hybrid system in my market in near future 26 energy saver bulbs 10fans 2led 40inch 1laptop 2 1.5ton ac dc inverter to use it for 10 hours at day time and 4 hours at night please send me the complete rates of solar system 2017 and which solar appliances do you prefer i should use thank you.

  3. Asslam o Alaikum!
    i need to operate 2 gree airconditioner (1.5 ton),1 fridge ,1 washing machine ,1 water pump,8celiing fans ,2 air coolers on solar
    how much it will costs?
    how much panels do i need , how much watts?

  4. Dear Soler Sailer.
    How are you and i am good.
    I wants to purchase solar system for my home should oprate 5 fans/ 2 Motors/ 2 fridges / 6 Bulbs/ 1 Iron.
    I want to install this system in my home in distic khanewal Area.
    Please send me the cast of full system how much will be with good quality equipments with guarantee
    By email.
    Note. Please include the cast of installation of system because it should be install by your team.



  5. Dear Friend
    I need to install the 5KW Pure Sine Wave, Hybrid Solar Inverter with in-built MPPT Solar Controller / Charger + Deep Cycle Gel Batteries of 250 Ah ( 4 Nos.).+ 300 watt A- Class Mono Solar Panels ( 10 Nos.) + 6mm DC Wire ( 80 Meters) + 4mm DC wire ( 100 Meters) + Move able Solar Panel Stand (Universal) and all other helping tools for fixing and installations.
    1- How much cost will be on this System.
    2- Installation Charges will be How much.
    3- How many Days need to Install and Operate this System
    Installation Site is in Johar Town, J- Bloch, Lahore. Pakistan

  6. Would you please tell me cost estimate of installation of Solar Home system with following specifications
    Solar Panel German Certified 100 W
    Solar Dry Battery German Certified
    6 LED lights imported
    1 Pedestal Fan
    Charge controller imported
    Installation of the items

  7. AoA
    Boss i need information with detail description of 1kva solar system.
    plz mention the price of panel, inverter & Batteries meanwhile installation charges but keep insure that all of mention product Will be up to mark.
    plz contact to me

  8. i need poly mono-crystaline A grade 285W minimum output 35v 15% module efficiency. IEC 61215 certified.
    Quantity 650 panels what will be the price of per panel with delivery charges to kp mingora swat.


  10. I need information about complete solar system with backup of 10 Hours :
    2 ceiling Fans
    2 energy savors
    with 10 hours backup

  11. I want to install solar panel at my home, the requirements are given below.
    1- 06 fans.
    2- 12 energy savers.
    3- 02 Freezer.
    4- 02 LED TVs.
    5- 01 A/C inverter of 1 ton.
    need the cost included installation.
    it would be good if you could send the comparison of 02-03 companies panels with warrantee.

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