Punjab Government Launch Khdmat Card Progarm

Government of Pakistan launch Khdmat Card for disable persons in Punjab,Pakistan.It is a great step by the Shahbaz Sharif for the disable persons in all the Punjab.It is same as the Banazir income support.But Khdmat card is better.100% marit applied on it.Poor disable persons can get advantage from it.In this page we will give all information about the Khdmat card.

PMLN improved every insitute in the Pakistan.In khdmat card Nadra will help the disable persons,so they can also take advantage from it.In this way they survive easily and 100% merit will be applied on the Khdmat Card program.

All disable persons apply on it.Men,Women and all disable children apply on Khdmat card.All mentally persons and disable persons who do not do any work can apply on Khdmat card program.

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In the history of Pakistan Khdmat card is a great program.2 Arab rupees announced for it and 2 lac special persons in the Punjab got advantage from it.

  • For further information and suggestion:0800-05050 (Free Call available).
  • 1200 rupees will be given as per month (in three months 3600).
  • This payment will be given by ATM card.
  • Other things also given like wheel-chair.
  • Those persons who do job,Govt. will given free money without intricate to them.

PMLN try to make this Pakistan a Happy Pakistan.Therefor he started many programs like this.Punjab Khidmat Card Issuing date registration Procedure Form.Khidmat Card Issued By Punjab Government-Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Performance in Punjab 2018-Govt. of Punjab.

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