Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme – Phase II (2018)

This Pattern was announced in the economy event of FY 2018 and strictly commend in the year of August, 2018 with combination and conference with Government of the Punjab. Now the schemes below the Prime Minister’s inaugural was announce for 5 years, the second Phase-II of the Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme has been launch for 2018. In this Phase, additional 1 lac laptops will be distorted among the artistic students as per the given eligibility and allotment criteria.

As the last year, this scheme is conceivable as an expansive new system almost the laptops infested of distribute “Black Boxes” to observers (students). New Technology as imagine from the laptop physical for the activity, include of all parts nibbling (roaming) from genuine Windows 8.0 version OS, MS Office 365, courses at Microsoft IT selected Universities or institutes, MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certificate receipt, PTCL 3G EVO and directly connected to HEC Digital Library. These point of view will not only effect repute to cash (money), it will make synergy with the related organization like the help HEIs to give the state of the art technique turn on learned atmosphere with HEIs in the cultivated globe.

For List of Eligible Universities / Institutes by HEC for
PM Youth Laptop Scheme – Phase II (2018)

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