Pink Scooty Scheme In Pakistan-Download Form

Punjab Government has decided to give Electric Scooties to Female Students of Punjab in Pakistan. It is great step by the Punjab Government for girls first time in Pakistan. We give you complete details about Scooties schemes in this page.The Scooties will power of 50CC and will have a rechargeable batteries. Girl students will move on pink scooties which will be provided by Shahbaz Sharif (PMLN).

Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif is going to take an initiative step for girl students. Like Apna Ghar Scheme, laptop scheme, loan scheme, yellow cab scheme, Green Tractor Scheme and many more others, Now Shahbaz Sharif is bringing pink scooty schemes for the girls of universities and colleges. Punjab scooties  scheme will be launched firstly in Lahore city and then gradually it will penetrate in the other cities of Punjab, Pakistan. Scooties project was announced about a year ago and it was announced that in the next annual budget this project will be started. Bank of Punjab is an official partner of Punjab Government in this project. The ladies will have to fill a registration form for getting registered with the scheme and the government of Punjab will provide scooties to the merit based girls and ladies on instalments. The interest on these instalments will be paid by the Punjab government.

Pink scooties Scheme In Pakistan

The girls will be trained by Punjab traffic police or Punjab police will also provide security for the girls in the Punjab. Girls will drive this pink scooty without driving licence because it will be of 50cc. The engine of these pink scooties will work on chargeable batteries instead of petrol, which is very beneficial for the girls in this expensive era.

This is great step taken by the CM of the Punjab, Pakistan. He has removed the difference between males and females and in this way they travel easily from one place to another. On one side, the pink scooty scheme is beneficial for girls for the transportation, but on the other side, this scheme has some negative effects. Some families have liberal minds and they don’t mind that their daughter moves to university or college on a scooty, but some of the families in Pakistan have narrow minds. They think that via driving scooty, the girls will wander everywhere, Indecency and obscenity will spread everywhere. They think that girls should move out with their males, instead of going out alone on scooties. They advised the CM that instead of bringing this scheme, he should bring the initiative for the development of schools and colleges in those areas where literacy rate is very low or equal to 0%.

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