Physics 10th Class Guess Paper

Physics is knowledge of Nature and have great importance in every one life. Physics is the natural science that involve the learning of matter & its motion through time & space along with connected concepts such as force & energy. In Pakistan physics is a compulsory subject and all boars of Pakistan give examination procedure for the complete guide line of all students. In this page we share with you complete guess paper of Physics.

Physics 10th Class 100 % guess paper

  • Simple Harmonic motion with mass attached & simple pendulum & Characteristics.
  • Types of waves
  • Ripple Tank
  • Characteristics of Sound Intensity
  • Refraction Law
  • Reflection Law
  • Snel Law
  • Total internal reflection
  • Compound microscope
  • Telescope
  • Disorders of eye
  • Coulomb Law
  • Electric Field & intensity
  • Capacitor Series parallel
  • Types of Capacitor
  • Ohm Law
  • Specific Resistance
  • Series Parallel
  • Joule Law
  • DC motor
  • Mutual induction
  • Transfer
  • Or Gate & And Gate
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  • floppy disk
  • Nuclear fission & fusion
  • Radioactivity
  • Half Life


Note : Definition all in objective from exercise.


  • Practical Refractive index
  • Practical resistance series in parallel
  • Practical prism
  • Practical ohm laws
  • Practical gates
  • Practical critical angle
  • Practical magnetic field
  • Practical resistance of Galvanometer

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from on-line resources. In condition of any more help about any guess paper of any class, you can comment us below.


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