PEC Lahore Board 8th, 5th Class Result 2018

Punjab Examination Commission is going to announce the PEC Lahore Board 8th, 5th Class Result 2018 on 31st March at 10:00 am. There is no need to search here and there for the online result and do not waste your time too. Some of the educational website of the Pakistan is claiming that the PEC Lahore Board 5th Class Result and PEC 8th Class result is announced but the fact is something else. There is a good news for all those students who are waiting for the 5th and 8th class annual examination result that the chairmen of the PEC is declared while talking in front of media during press conference that the Lahore 5th, 8th result will be available on the official page by the 10:00 am So do not believe on any of the unofficial website as is the fastest growing educational website of the Pakistan and if you want to up to dated from the educational world of Pakistan you have to keep in touch with this website. What you have to do is just to click in front of the respective district and the PEC Lahore Board 8th, 5th Class Result 2018 will be downloaded to your specified disc in you computer from where you can easily see and share the result with other by different modes of communication. On the announcement of Lahore PEC result from the official you can download your relevant district city result from this page in easy ways as your city name is given down in a complete list which cover all the 36 districts which is under the supervision of the Punjab Examination Commission

  • PEC Lahore Board 8th, 5th Class Result 2018
  • Lahore Board 5th, 8th  Class Result 2018: Will Announce on 31st March

PEC is established in the year 2005 with the help of the Punjab Government as Punjab Government is always ready to take steps which is in benefits of students. The main idea or aim behind the establishment of the Punjab Examination Commission is that to prepare student for the annual board exams other then the their own school exams.  Punjab Examination Commission is the only responsible authority under the direct supervision of the Punjab Government of Pakistan which can maintain and conduct the 5th and 8th class annual examination and on behalf of their response and marks students will e promoted to the next class but as this body is not so old so still there are some private schools which are conducting 5th and 8th class annual exams in their own school. in our prior education system student face the other body exams just in matric and Intermediate as these two classes are totally under the control of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary. Student are well aware and ready to face the hurdles of life so early that will really help them in their further life. Education So what happen that when student first time face the other body exams some of them got passed but most of them are failed due to they do not well aware of the board Exams schedule and syllabus so that is why PEC is established

Other districts PEC 5th, 8th Class Result 2018

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  • Nankana Sahib 8th Class Result 2018
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  • Okara 8th Class Result 2018
  • Pakpattan 8th Class Result 2018
  • Sargodha 8th Class Result 2018
  • Sheikhopura 8th Class Result 2018
  • Sialkot 8th Class Result 2018
  • Rahim Yar Khan 8th Class Result 2018
  • Rajan Pur 8th Class Result 2018
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PEC Lahore Board 8th, 5th Class Result 2018 Will be available to this page as soon as the official will declare it so stay in touch with this page. In year 2012 there were just 1,50629 student who attend the annual examination which is increased in just after 1 year up to 27 Lakhs yes that figure is absolutely right  in 2014 there were total 27 Lakhs now it is predicted by the management of the PEC that this year in 2018 there will be about 32 Lakhs students. Every year there is a huge difference in the number of students who enrolled for the 5th and 8th class annual examination under the Punjab Examination Commission as if we look into the graph then there is a sharp upward direction of arrow clearly shows us that what is happening. This is not a small quantity and to manage and conduct the annual exams from such a huge crowed of the students and them prepare the result is not an easy task for the Punjab Examination Commission. All those students who want to see their result without any interruption can see their result from this page so keep in touch with us. but the thing is that the PEC management knows how to control this that is why there is not a single day delay in the declaration of the annual result from the given date. So repeating the history this year too the Punjab Education Commission will announce the PEC Lahore Board 8th, 5th Class Result 2018 result on 31st March right on 10:00

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