Pakistan Post (EMTTS) Online Tracking System Details

Pakistan Post is the largest postal service in the country offering wide range of delivery services at national and international level. Like other parts of the world, people in Pakistan also use Pakistan Post and other mail delivery services in order to send their messages and parcels to their loved ones, either within the country or outside the country. Pakistan Postal parcel tracking is not available for normal parcels, letters and registries as well. Online tracking system of Pakistan Post can only be used for Urgent Mail Service (UMS) and Express Mail Service (EMS). In this new era of science and technology where internet and mobile has become common and reached in almost every part of this world, people from all over the globe still use manual mail system. During the recent year, major developments have been introduced in the shape of introducing express and urgent mail services and online tracking of the parcels as well.  In order to make its services according to the 21st century, Pakistan Post is successfully conducting online tracking system.  Moreover, UMS is for tracking posts made inside the country while EMS is for posts made at international level.

With the Express Mail Track & Trace System (EMTTS) by Pakistan Post, all the customers can now track their delivery of either post or parcel. They can track the status of their delivered parcel or mail by just entering tracking id of their sent item in the online portal of Pakistan Post. This service has been launched in order to provide better services for the customers of Pakistan Post. Customers of Pakistan Post can confirm delivery date & other related information with EMTTS.

Information regarding following services can be obtained with EMTTS:

  • Express Financial Service
  • Express Post Service (Domestic or International)
  • International Postal Services
  • Traditional Service (Inland)

Customers of Pakistan Post can easily Track Their ID from the online portal.

Pakistan Post (EMTTS) Online Tracking System Details

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