Pakistan Election Result 2018

General election in Pakistan schedule 2018 has been designed and now there is no more time when you will find the new president of Pakistan. General election in Pakistan will be on 25 July 2018. There are three candidates are in hope to become the next President of Pakistan. All the information that you want to get is just provide here on this page. Now all of you are able to get complete information that you want to get. It is reality that your curious is increasing and you just want to see the next president to that candidate who will be good on in your opinions.

There are a total of 342 seats in which 272 are for general candidates and the rest seats (70 seats) are for nominated or special candidates likewise for Minority, Women or some other person.  There are a total three parties which are as follow.

  • Pakistan Muslim League
  • Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  • Pakistan People Party

Now the main aspect of the general election is that which party will win? Majority of the people are expecting that there are only two parties in competition and the third one has less chance to win the general election this time. All of you are aware the current situation of Pakistan and now everyone is looking at Punjab. As Punjab is strong area for Pakistan Muslim League and last time in 2013, Pakistan Muslim League won the election form Punjab with great lead. Now the ideas of people are quite change as there is several cases of corruption on Nawaz Sharif who was the head of Pakistan Muslim League and also was the x president of Pakistan.

Here is big news that the fourth one party will also try to won the election this time. Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah is new party which came into being by the struggle of Khadfam Hussain Rizwi.

This time, it is more probability that there will not any miss use of vote. Likewise give respect to vote. Government of Pakistan has released new software that is developed for especially general election. This system is especially introduced for Election commission of Pakistan and also for NADRA to ensure free and peaceful election.

What happened in previous elction? It does not matter and it will not affect on 2018 election although what happened in last five years and how government of Pakistan handle country affairs in last five years, it will effect on current election. Senior Anker’s are saying that Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf will win this time and Mister Imran Khan is expecting president of Pakistan. Now all of you must take a look on given blow information in which you will come to know the previous result of election.

  • Pakistan Muslim League won a total 126 seats all over the Pakistan.
  • Pakistan People Party won a total 33 seats all over the Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf won a total 26 seats all over the Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Muttahida Qaumi Movement won a total 19 seats all over the Pakistan.
  • Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal won a total 14 seats all over the Pakistan.

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