Namaz Parhne Ka Tareeqa In Urdu Complete In Urdu For All

Namaz is very important for all Muslims. Muslims says 5 Prayers in a day. In this page we are going to share with you complete detail of Namaz and how Namaz perform complete in Urdu. Salah(“Muslim prayer” called in some languages by the Persian-derived term namaz is one of the Five Pillars in the reliance of Islam and an compulsory religious duty for every Muslim. In this rite, the worshiper starts standing, bows, prostrates, and concludes while sitting on the ground. It is a mental, physical and spiritual act of worship that is observed five times every day at set times.

Five Prayers

  • Fajr (فجر)
  • Zuhr(ظهر)
  • Asr (عصر)
  • Maghrib(مغرب)
  • Isha(عشاء)

Most Important thing to say your namaz is that the place where you are going to say Namaz should be neat and clean. Namaz has great importance for all Muslims of the world & well for men it is preferred to go to the mosque to say Namaz and the third thing is you should be neat and clean as after that you had to do Wazoo and then you are ready for your Namaz. Each Namaz is execute on a exact time of the day so first of all it is important if you are going to say you salaat that is this a time for this namaz or not. Down here we are explaining the complete Namaz Parhne Ka Tarika In Urdu so do have a look down for your proper guidance.

Namaz Procedure In Urdu




Namaz-Parhne-Ka-Tarika-In-Urdu-PicturevghjkIt is mentioned here that all info about Namaz Procedure in Urdu is collected from online resources, In condition of any more help about Namaz, you can comment us below. If you are interested in Hajj Guide Line & Hajj Procedure in Urdu, then you also get complete detail from here.


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