NADRA ID Card Verification Through SMS In All Pakistan

NADRA is one of the leading System Integrators in the global identification sector. NADRA is now boasts extensive experience in designing, implementing and operating solutions,which make easy to every people in pakistan.NADRA have a good system like developed countries in world.Every data and information you can get on your mobile through online system.NADRA is now offers its clients a portfolio of customizable solutions for identification, e-governance and secure documents.

Now one of the best feature of NADRA that it give facility to check online NATIONAL ID CARD (CNIC) with the help of SMS. on your mobile.

  • Please Write Your CNIC In SMS And Sent It TO 7000

NADRA increase their work and position day by day in Pakistan.Current Govertnment took many steps to increase it security in all Pakistan and made it a complete for everyone.You can get all informations about your sims and any orther online and also with the help of sms on your mobile.Now it is our duty to coperate with NADRA to save our Pakistan.

Every Pakistani have easy contact with NADRA now in every place in Pakistan.NADRA increase it branches in all over the world.It help us to save our Pakistan from many problems.We can get every type of information with the help of SMS.

To Check Your NADRA verification and Bio Data Send SMS to 7000,NADRA system will you Information through SMS.

It is mentioned here that all info about Nadra is collected from online resources. In condition of any more help about Nadra, you can comment us below. If you are interested in B-form, then you get complete detail of B-form from this page.


  1. My husband’s nadra id card has been lost and he is out of country for new id card they require a coloured image of id card which we have not
    Kindly tell me how i can get that plz

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