Khyber Medical University Fee Structure

Khyber Medical University

Khyber Medical University is a public research University that is located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It v was established in the year of 2007. Iqbal Zafar Jhagra is the chancellor of this university. It is affiliated with PMDC, PMRC, CPSP, PNC and Higher Education Commission. Khyber Medical University offers almost all medical courses to its students. It also offers dental study programs to its students. All the students get admission in this University on specific merit which is compulsory to get admission in this University. There are more than six thousand student’s studies in this University and majority of people studies in under graduation programs. A great numbers of institutes affiliated with this university. Here is complete list of that institutes which are affiliated with this University. You can also take admission in these institutes in you want to study in the shadow of this University. Let’s take a look on its affiliated institutes.

Undergraduate institutes list

  • Ayub Medical College (Abbottabad)
  • Bacha Khan Medical College (Mardan)
  • Gomal Medical College (Dera Ismail Khan)
  • Khyber Medical College (Peshawar)
  • Bannu Medical College (Bannu)
  • Jinnah Medical College (Peshawar)
  • Khyber Girls Medical College (Peshawar)
  • Rehman Medical College (Peshawar)
  • Jinnah Medical College (Peshawar)
  • Saidu Medical College (Saidu Sharif)
  • Ayub College of Dentistry (Abbottabad)
  • Women Medical College (Abbottabad)

Postgraduate affiliated institute

  • Post Graduate Medical Institute Peshawar

Allied health sciences institutes List

  • Frontier Homeopathic Medical College (Peshawar)
  • National Institute of Health and Management Sciences (Peshawar)
  • Mahboob School of Physiotherapy (Peshawar)
  • Bannu College of Medical Technology (Bannu)
  • Udhyana Institute of Medical Sciences (Peshawar)
  • RMI College of Rehabilitation Science (Peshawar)
  • Pakistan Institute of Prosthetics & Orthotics Sciences (Peshawar)
  • National Institute of Health and Management Sciences (Peshawar)
  • RMI School of Allied Health Sciences (Peshawar)
  • Northwest College of Physical Therapy (Peshawar)
  • Sarhad Institute of Health Sciences (Peshawar)

Pharmacy Institute Affiliated with it

  • Northwest College of Pharmacy (Peshawar)

Nursing Institutes List

  • Northwest College of Nursing (Peshawar)
  • Ayub School of Nursing (Abbottabad)
  • Royal College of Nursing (Saidu Sharif)
  • RMI School of Nursing (Peshawar)

Well if you are looking for its fee structure then you can get fee structure detail by visiting University admission office. Each institute have its own fee structure table so it’s hard to mention it’s all institutes fee structure. Well you have an open way to get its fee structure that is you can get its prospect from admission office or you can also download fee structure PDF file on their official site. If once you will get its fee prospect then you will be able to get any king of information about anything. If you think that you are eligible to apply for admission in this university then you should visit this site to check last year merit. Some institutes have low merit but majority have high merit but you can get admission in this University if you are on merit.

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