India Launched App for Registring Hajj 2018 Online Annual Pilgrimage

Hajj has great importance in all Muslims life and every year million of Muslims perform Hajj. This year India introduce a new facility for their Muslims citizen. There will be many people who will be going to this Pilgrimage trip annually. Hajj Annual Pilgrimage is considered a very sacred trip. So Government of India launched Hajj 2018 App for all those who are going for trip this year. This is a great step by the Govt of India and by this way they help all lovers of Hajj. The registration closes on January which started January.

App for Registring Hajj 2018 Online Annual Pilgrimage

From this app all those people who wants to apply in Hajj 2018 trip makes it easier for them to make their e-payments and also get the news, latest updates from the region. This is a big facility for all Muslims. This aap is available to download and also it is available in 4 different languages which are different from one another. You can download this app free from here and also known complete procedure to use the app.

Hajj 2018 app gives you all your question answer and also help you how to apply. Applicants should read the Guidelines before filing the Application Form. Details of eligibility, filing of Haj Application Forms, refund, Passport submission, amount payable, etc. are provided in Guidelines for Haj 2018.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs on Monday launched an Android app for digital registration for Hajj 2018. This app is very easy to use and it give many facility to all people. The move comes just days after the ministry launched a website in four languages e.g Hindi, English, Urdu & Arabic. This will help many people understand how will it work. The app is also available on Google Play Store.

The ministry said in a statement on Monday: “Next Hajj has already been announced and application will be accepted from today.”

Hajj App 2018 : Download Here


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