Hazara University Complete Fee Structure Detail

Hazara University is a public research University in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it was established in 2005 by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There are more than 370 academic staff members’ works for this University. It is now the number one University in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A total number of ten thousand students studies in this University. It offers almost all under-graduation and post-graduation programs to students who get admission in this university.

Here is complete fee structure detail so you can check any programs fee structure below. Let’s go below and check any department fee structure and to get more info should leave a comment below.

Program Title Fee in PKRS
BS Telecommunication Program Rs. 33,200
B.S.C Zoology Program Rs. 31,200
BA Tourism Program Rs. 28,200
BA Psychology Program Rs. 31,200
BA Islamic Studies Program Rs. 28,200
BA English Program Rs. 28,200
Rs. BA Education Program Rs. 29,200
BS Conservation Program Rs. 28,200
BS Arts and Design Program Rs. 33,200
Pharm. D Program Rs. 44,200
B.S.C other Programs Rs. 31,200
BS other Programs Rs. 30,200
B.ED all Programs Rs. 30,450
Bachelor Computer Science Program Rs. 33,200
B.Arch Program Rs.44,200
BA Archeology Program Rs.28,200
BSC Physics Program Rs. 31,200
BSC Microbiology Program RS. 31,200
B.SC Genetics Program Rs. 31,200
B.SC Mathematics Program Rs. 31,200
LLB Law Program Rs. 28,200
B.SC Biochemistry Program Rs. 31. 200
MA Economics Program Rs. 37,600
MA Arts Program Rs. 35,600
M.SC Botany Program Rs. 37, 600
M.SC Chemistry Program Rs. 37,600
M.SC Computer Science Rs. 37,600
Ma English Program Rs. 35,600
MA IR Program Rs. 37,600
MA Islamic Studies Program Rs. 37,600
M.SC Mathematics Program Rs. 37,600
MA Political Science Program Rs. 35,600
M.SC Physics Program Rs. 37,600
M.SC Psychology Program Rs. 37,600
M.SC Zoology Program Rs. 37,600
M.Phil Archeology Program Rs. 29,500
M.Phil English Literature Program Rs. 27,500
M.Phil Genetics Program Rs. 29,500
M.Phil Pakistan Studies Program Rs. 29,500
M.Phil Psychology Rs. 27,500
M.Phil Sociology Program Rs. 27,500
M.Phil Polotical Science Program Rs. 27, 500
LLM Program Rs. 27,500
M.Phil Mathematics Program Rs. 29,500
M.Phil Microbiology Progrma Rs. 29,500
MBA Business Admin Program Rs.  27, 500
M.Phil Arts Rs. 27,500
MBA Banking and Finance Program Rs. 27,500
M.Phil Computer Science Program Rs. 29,500
M.Phil Physics Program Rs. 29,500
Ph.D. Mathematics Program Rs. 68,500
Ph.D. Zoology Programs Rs. 68,500
Ph.D. Microbiology Program Rs. 68,500
Ph.D. Political Science Program Rs. 66,500
Ph.D. Genetics Program Rs. 66,500
Ph.D. Law Program Rs. 66,500
Ph.D. Management Science Program Rs. 66,500
Ph.D. Chemistry Program RS. 68, 500
Ph.D. Computer Science Program Rs. 68,500
Ph.D. Botany Program Rs. 68,500
Ph.D. Economics Program Rs, 68,500
Ph.D.  Archaeology Program Rs. 68,500
Ph.D. Islamic Studies program Rs. 66,500


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