Guess Paper of Physics 10th Class Important Short & Long Questions

Physics is a important subject known in all Pakistan or in the world because it has great importance in our daily life. Many student have great interest in this subject. In this page we share with you guess Paper of Physics of 10th class. Guess Paper also very important for all students, in this way they easily get knowledge about important question of Physics.

Physics Important Long Question

Physics mean “Knowledge of Nature” that involve in the study of matters and their importance. Physics made our life very easy and we use its uses in our daily life.Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and perhaps the oldest through its inclusion of astronomy. Physics also help in many fields of other subjects, Here we provide you important question of Physics.

  1. What do you mean by step up and step down transformer?
  2.  Write the equation of the transformer?
  3. How many coils are used in transformer and also write their names?
  4. How e.m.f of a battery measure?
  5. Write advantages of parallel circuits over series circuit.
  6. Write the formula of parallel combination of capacitor.
  7. Define mechanical waves.
  8. Why sound waves are called mechanic waves?
  9. Do mechanical waves pass through space?
  10. What is convex lens?
  11. Why convex lens is called converging lens?
  12. Who developed first electric battery?
  13. Which type of motion a simple pendulum exhibits?
  14. Define time period. Write the formula for the time period of a simple pendulum?
  15. Which two ways are used to connect resistors?
  16. What is conventional current?
  17. Define current. What is its SI unit?
  18. Define pitch and quality of sound.
  19. Can sound waves travel through vacuum?
  20. Define intensity of sound.
  21. Enlist the characteristics of sound.
  22. Find the intensity level of whispering sound?
  23. How sound waves can be transmitted?
  24. What are the factors required for the propagation of sound?
  25. Explain reflection of sound, Which instrument is used in school laboratories for production of sound?
  26. Which instrument is used by doctors for hearing of sounds?
  27. Which device is used for measurement of potential difference across a circuit component?
  28. What is magnification of refracting telescope?
  29. Which formula is used to determined magnification of compound microscope?
  30. When motion is said to be damped?
  31. What is meant by damped oscillations?
  32. What safety measures are taken to avoid radiation hazards?
  33. What is work of Charles Coulomb?
  34. What is wave equation?
  35. Enlist properties of waves.
  36. Define Transverse Waves and Longitudinal Waves?
  37. What is want by isotopes of an element?
  38. Give some properties of ultrasonic?
  39. What is tuning fork?
  40. How electroscope can be charged?
  41. Define gold leaf electroscope. Draw its diagram?
  42. What is the working principal of gold leaf electroscope?
  43. Define electric field intensity and its unit?
  44. What is direction of electric intensity?
  45. What is the relation between electric field lines and electric intensity?
  46. What is meant by electric field of charge?
  47. What is the main function of eardrum?
  48. What is the construction of camera?
  49. What is the composition of optical fibers?
  50. What is the composition of an electron gun?
  51. For what purpose electron gun in in cathode ray oscilloscope?
  52. What is spring constant?
  53. How does stiffness of the spring affect the value of k?
  54. What is compound microscope? Also write its three features?
  55. What is resonance?
  56. What is nearsightedness?
  57. What is reason of short sightedness?
  58. What is OR operation?
  59. What is the function of voltmeter and ammeter?
  60. What is near and far point?
  61. State the law of reflection.
  62. What is meant by total internal reflection?
  63. Define reflection of light and two types.
  64. What is meant by SONAR?
  65. What is meant by refractive index?
  66. Explain radioactive isotops.
  67. What are artificial radioactive elements?
  68. What is lens? Write its some uses.
  69. What is meant by lens formula?
  70. What is meant by power of a lens, Write its unit.
  71. What is meant by oscillation?
  72. What is meant by nuclear transmutation processes?
  73. Write the chemical equation for fission nuclear.
  74. What is meant by loudness, On which factors it depends upon?
  75. What is meant by logic operations?
  76. What is meant by endoscope?
  77. What is meant by dual nature of light?
  78. Define refraction of light?
  79. What is meant by doping?
  80. What is meant by defect of vision, What are its types?
  81. What is meant by critical angle?
  82. What is prism and angle of prism?
  83. What is meant by circuit diagram?
  84. What is circuit breaker write the working principle of circuit breaker?
  85. What is meant by capacitance?
  86. What is meant by audible frequency range?
  87. Define amplitude.
  88. What is meant by amplitude (A) of a body?
  89. What is meant by acoustic protection?
  90. What is function of switch?
  91. What is Flemings Left hand rule?
  92. At a certain temperature on which factor resistance depends. O
  93. What is effect of temperature of resistance of conductors?
  94. What is direction of movement of charge? O
  95. In which direction positive charge is transferred?
  96. What capacitor. State its SI unit?
  97. Enlist some use of capacitors? O
  98. What is capacitor, Which type of structure it has? –
  99. What is a p-n-p and n-p-n transistor?
  100. What id depletion region?
  101. What do you mean by forward biasing?
  102. State Snell’s law write down the formula?
  103. Safe level of noise depends on which factors?
  104. Ohm’s law and write its formula.
  105. Insulators also contain electrons.
  106. Why they do not conduct electricity?
  107. How terrestrial telescope is different from a telescope?
  108. How static electricity can be generated?
  109. How static charges are dangerous?
  110. How can we produce a charge in neutral body?
  111. How does photograph enlarger work, Explain processing.
  112. Write name of four output devices of a computer.
  113. How a fax machine works? OR Explain data managing.
  114. What is Data Management?
  115. Define telescope. What do you know about refracting telescope?
  116. Define Right hand grip rule?
  117. Define principal focus?
  118. Define logic gate.
  119. Define Joules law. Also write its formula.
  120. Define Hookes Law. Give its expression.
  121. Define focal length (f)?
  122. Define farad?
  123. Define EMF of the source?
  124. Define electromotive force and its formula.
  125. Define crest and Trough.
  126. Define carbon dating.
  127. Define vibration.
  128. Define potential difference and write the name of unit.
  129. Define resistivity and write its formula.
  130. What is Lenz’s Law.
  131. Define telecommunication.
  132. What is phone photo.
  133. Explain in detail fission reaction.
  134. Define atomic number and mass number and their formulas.
  135. Define penetrating power / ability.
  136. Explain D.0 motor.
  137. What is CBIS.
  138. State Coulombs Law and write down its mathematical formula?

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