Guess Paper of 9th Class Biology Paper Pakistan

Pakistan is a educated country which has many education board in all Provinces. Every year million of students appear in annual examination. Every board give question paper guess with the help of all students read all year and appear in examination with full preparation. Now we share with you guess paper of 9th class Biology. Every student get advantage from it and prepare her paper easily.

Biology is a very important subject and all those students who wants to become a doctor they get complete detail about Biology online free from here. In this page we share with you all important question of Biology which help you in your annual examination.

Question No. 1:

  1. A)     DefineBiodiversity also explain Binomial Nomenclature?
  2. B)      Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell?

Question No. 2:

  1. A)     What is biology and give these branches?
  2. B)      Which steps involved in biological method,  Explain it?

Question No. 3:

  1. A)     What do you know plant and animal tissue also Explain it?
  2. B)      Give cell organize in details?

Question No. 4:

  1. A)     Short note on following

(i) E.M

(ii) Fluid Mosaic Model

  1. B)      Draw and Labeled Plant and Animal Cell?

Question No. 5:

  1. A)     What do you know about apoptosis and necrosis?
  2. B)      Write detail note on

(i)                  Mechanism of enzymes action

(ii)                Factor affecting on enzyme action

Question No. 6:

  1. A)     Mechanism of photosynthesis?
  2. B)      Mechanism of respiration?
  3. C)      ATP structure also briefly explain it?

Question No. 7:

  1. A)     Detail note on Vitamins?
  2. B)      Give anatomy of liver and also give their silent function?

Question No.8:

  1. A)     Give the anatomy of human heart?
  2. B)      What do you know about composition of blood, Also give their disorder?

Question No. 9:

  1. A)     Detail note on blood vessels?
  2. B)      Discuss human bold circulatory system?

Question No. 10:

Short Note on

(i)                  Balance Diet

(ii)                Malnutrition

(iii)               Disorder of Gut

(iv)              Factor affecting the rate of transpiration

(v)                 Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration?

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from on-line resources. If you want any more help you can comment us below.



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