Guess Paper of 10th Class Biology Paper Pakistan Download

Pakistan is one of the educated country in the world where mostly people like to get education and Government also started many good steps in Pakistan to increase the percentage of Education. A special procedure is available in all world and special system of education. A students of every class reads book whole year and at last in end of year appear in annual examination in which few question asked from him and calculate his result of study which he get in whole year.

Many Boards are present in Pakistan which give complete procedure of paper pattern before examination so a student get complete guide from it. Here we provide you guess paper of 10th class Biology. If you are a student then you should Bookmark this page because we provide you complete result, date sheet and admission details in this page.

Question No. 1:

  1. Mechanism of Breathing
  2. Respiratory Disorder?

Question No. 2:

  1. Name the component of urinary system and also give microscopic structure of kidney with help of diagram?
  2. Short note on Following

i) Kidney Stone

ii) Haemodialysis

Question No. 3:

  1. Give structure and function of neuron?
  2. Short note on spinal cord and thyroid gland?
  3. Disorder of nervous system?

Question No. 4:

  1. Disorder of skeletal system?
  2. Discuss Muscles and their movement?

Question No. 5:

  1. Method of asexual reproduction?
  2. Artificial vegetative propagation?
  3. Short note on Following

i) spermatogenesis

ii) Pollination

iii) Reproductive system

iv) AIDS

Question No. 6:

  1. Watson Crick Model of DNA & also give replication of DNA?
  2. Note on artificial selection and Co-dominance?

Question No. 7:

  1. Nitrogen cycle with Diagram?
  2. Pollution consequence and control?

Question No. 8:

  1. Give Fermentation process in detail?
  2. Give steps of genetic engineering?
  3. Single Cell Protein (Short note)

Question No. 9:

  1. Short note on:
  2. Vaccine
  3. Addictive drugs

III.            Antibiotics resistance

  1. Reflex action
  2. Short note on:
  3. Bone and cartilage
  4. Germination of seed?

III.            Give important antibiotics group?

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from on-line resources. If you want any more help you can comment us below.



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