Guess Paper of 10th Class Biology Paper Pakistan Download

Pakistan is one of the educated country in the world where mostly people like to get education and Government also started many good steps in Pakistan to increase the percentage of Education. A special procedure is available in all world and special system of education. A students of every class reads book whole year and at last in end of year appear in annual examination in which few question asked from him and calculate his result of study which he get in whole year.

Many Boards are present in Pakistan which give complete procedure of paper pattern before examination so a student get complete guide from it. Here we provide you guess paper of 10th class Biology. If you are a student then you should Bookmark this page because we provide you complete result, date sheet and admission details in this page.

Biology 10th Class Guess Paper 2018

  • Define about Two Situation face by leaf.
  • Write about The Mechanism of Breathing.
  • Discuss Asthma, write in detail.
  • Discuss Pneumonia.
  • Write about Lung Cancer.
  • Explain Homeostasis in plants.
  • Write about bad effect od smoking.
  • Explain Urinary system of human in detail.
  • Write a note on Kidney.
  • Write a note on Nerve cell & Neuron.
  • Write a short note on Cerebrum.
  • Write a note on peripherial nervous system.
  • Describe the structure of eye.
  • How ear maintain the balance of body.
  • Describe Adrenal gland.
  • Write a short note on pancreas.
  • Explain disorders of nervous system.
  • Define Muscles & movement.
  • Write a note on Cartilages.
  • Write a note on component of Human Skeleton.
  • Explain Natural Propagation in Plants.
  • Write advantages & disadvantages of artifical Vegetative oropagation.
  • Definr double fertilization.
  • Methods asexual reproduction.
  • Explain the germination of seeds.
  • Aids
  • Law of Segregation.
  • Law of indpendent Assortment.
  • Veration lead to the evolution.
  • Mecxhanism of Evolution.
  • Component of Ecosystem.
  • Nitrogen & Carbon cycle.
  • Short note on Symbiosis.
  • Explain air & water pollution.
  • Conservation of Nature.
  • Explain biotechnology.
  • Fermantation.
  • Genetic engineering.
  • Define Hallucinogens.
  • Short note on Vaccines.
  • Short note on antibiotic resistance.

It is mentioned here that all information is collected from on-line resources. If you want any more help you can comment us below. Our guess paper have great importance and you can check all boards guess papers online free from here andd then obtian good marks in annual examinatio.


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