GP Batteries Price List

Gold Peak is a famous industry of electronic. It prepare many products which used in whole world. It is established in 1964 and now include in famous industries. Its all products made with best quality of material. That is the reason that mostly people like Gold Peak products in Market. batteries are one of the famous product of gold Peak.


  • Battery and battery-related products
  • Acoustics products
  • Electronics
  • Automotive wire harness

Gold Peak batteries are very famous in whole world because it give long life time. Mostly people like to use GP Batteries and you can purchase it from all cities of World. In this page we share with you some specification, features, rates and work of Gold Peak batteries.

Godrej GP AA 2100mAh (2 Pcs) : Rs. 299

Godrej Gp Combo 2700 & 600 Mah Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery : Rs. 750

Godrej GP AA 2700mAh (2 Pcs) Rechargeable Battery : Rs. 379

Godrej GP AAA 1000 mAh (2 Pcs) Rechargeable Battery : Rs. 299

Godrej GP AA 1300mAh (2 Pcs) Rechargeable Battery : Rs. 284

Godrej GP AAA 600 mAh (2 Pcs) Rechargeable Battery : RS. 135

Godrej GP EkoPower Rechargeable Battery : Rs. 350

Godrej Gp Combo Of 2100 & 1300 Mah AA Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery : Rs. 510

We provide you complete information about the prices of batteries and complete sizes or features. You can also check all other batteries prices and features details from this page. If you want any more help, don’t histate write comment us below. check Universal Batteries Price List from this page and all features or sizes of battery.

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