Gomal University Fee Fee Structure Detail

The Gomal University is a public research University which is located in D.I.Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It was established in 1974 by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This University is one of the oldest Universities in Pakistan which is currently affiliated with Higher Education Commission. Its chancellor is the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There are 335 academic staff and 384 administrative staff works for this University. It offers almost all under graduation and post graduation programs to students. There are more than six thousands student’s studies in this university. Its main purpose is to spread education.

Here is its general fee structure where you can get complete general fee structure of all departments. To get further information should visit University admission office or you can also get any kind of information on their official site. We can only share this piece of information which I have published. To get more information should leave a comment. We will help you to get that information which you want to get. So for now let’s go below and take a look on that information which I shared below.

Gomal University, D.I. Khan Fee structure

S.No Departments Name Program Duration Self-finance Fee

(Per annum)

Self-finance Fee

(Per semester)

1 Department of  Biology  Sciences M.Sc (2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
Department of Zoology M.Sc (2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
2 Department of Chemistry M.Sc(2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
BS (4-year) Rs. 30000 Rs. 15000
3 Department of Mathematics M.Sc(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
BS (4-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
4 Department of Physics M.Sc(2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
BS (4-year) Rs. 30000 Rs. 15000
5 Department of Statistics M.Sc(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
BS (4-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
6 Department of Computer Sciences MCS (2-year) Rs. 50000 Rs. 25000
BCS(4-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
7 Department of Department of  IET Engineering (4-year) Rs. 125000 Rs. 62500
8 Department of  Economics M.Sc(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
9 Department of  Sports Sciences & Physical Education M.Sc(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
M.Sc.(1-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
10 Department of  Mass Communication M.A(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
11 Department of Bio-Technology. B.Sc.(Hons) (4-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
12 Department of  Islamiyat M.A (2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
13 Department of  Business Admin MBA (B & F)   (2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
MBA(G) (2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
BBA(Hons) (4-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
14 Department of  Commerce M.Com(2-year) Rs. 30000 Rs. 15000
B.Com(4-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000


Department of  Education M.Ed (1-year) Rs. 25000 Rs. 12500
B,Ed (1-year) Rs. 25000 Rs. 12500
B,Ed (4-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
16 Department of  English M.A(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
BS (4-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
17 Department of Public Admin. M.P.A(2-year)  Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
M.P.H(1.5-year) Rs. 15000 Rs. 50000
18 Department of  Political Science M.A(2-year) Rs. 20000 Rs. 10000
19 Department of  LAW L.L.B(3-year) Rs. 25000 Rs. 12500
20 Department of  Faculty of Pharmacy Pharm-D(5-year) Rs. 50000 Rs. 25000
21 Department of  Faculty of Agriculture B.Sc (Hons)      (4-year) Rs. 25000 Rs. 12500
Department of  Botany M.Sc (2-year) Rs. 40000 Rs. 20000
22 Department of  DVM Doctor (5-year) Rs. 60000 Rs. 30000

Most of the times students prefer to intake a well-ranking university near to their homes. Here application form, last date, eligibility criteria, admission program is written here in details. Gomal University is looking forwards towards eligible; self motivates and shine students who know the worth of education in their career. You just have to read to read this entire page carefully and make analyze yourself eligible for this admission. So if you are also among those candidates who have such abilities then you should take admission in Gomal University DI Khan by following the guidance written in this passage.

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