BISE Lahore Results 2017

BISE Lahore is a famous board of Pakistan. Every year thousand of students appear under BISE Lahore. BISE Lahore is an oldest board and known as famous board of Pakistan.

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore is the secondary & intermediate education governmental body in Lahore Division. BISE Lahore is a famous board of Punjab. Every year million of students pass examination under this board. BISE Lahore is located at 86 Mozang Road, Lahore. It was established in 1954. BISE Lahore is measured as the main educational board in Pakistan around 2 million students are examine each year during this board in intermediate & matriculation examination. The Board’s jurisdiction has been confined to the districts of Kasur, Lahore, Okara, Nankana Sahib & Sheikhupura. BISE Lahore Board is the normal of education all through the country.

Name : Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore

Nick Name : BISE Lahore

Established : 1954

Preceding agency : Ministry of Education (Pakistan)

Employees : 1600

Total Students : 45000 (On Campus)

Minister : Rana Mashhood Ahmad

Responsible : Chairman of the Board

Official Web :

At middle level the Board awards 6 certificate

  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • General Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts

At Matriculation point the Board awards certificate for two group of subject

  • Arts
  • Science

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College and School Code List (BISE Lahore)

Institution name Institution code
Government Islamia degree college, kasur 210001
Government Degree college, pattoki (kasur) 210002
Government Degree college, bhai pheru (kasur) 210003
Government Inter. College for boys, kot radha kishan (kasur) 210004
Government Higher secondary school, khudian khas (kasur) 210005
Government Inter. College, mustafabad (kasur) 210006
Government Higher secondary school, kanganpur (kasur) 210007
Government Higher secondary school for boys, wan radha ram (kasur). 210008
Government College (boys), chunian (kasur) 210009
Bhatti international public higher secondary school for boys, khara road, kasur 210010
Elite boys higher secondary school, main shahbaz khan road, kasur 210013
The commerce college boys, college road, pattoki (kasur) 210014
Hayab college of commerce hassan bin sabat road, kasur 210015
The best career college of commerce and computer science near general bus stand pattoki (kasur) 210016
District public school and college for boys officer colony kasur 210017
Bullah shah college of commerce, abdul shakoor colony, kasur 210018
I.a.s commerce college boys, exchange road near bus stop, chunian (kasur) 210019
Government Degree college for women, kasur 210020
Government College for women, chunian (kasur) 210021
Government Degree college for women, kot radha kishan (kasur) 210022
Government Degree college for women, pattoki (kasur) 210023
Government College for women, phool nagar (kasur) 210024
Government Girls higher secondary school, bughiana kalan, kasur 210026
Ayesha bhatti higher secondary school girls out side kot usman khan kasur 210027
Government Girls higher secondary school, mustafa abad (kasur) 210028
District public school and college for girls officer colony kasur 210029
Allama iqbal public higher secondary school for girls, raiwind road, kasur 210030
Elite college of commerce girls main shahbaz khan road, kasur 210031
Aitchison college, lahore 210032
Government Dyal singh college, lahore 210033
Government Shalimar college for boys, baghbanpura, lahore 210035
Government College, university lahore 210036
Government College of science, wahdat road, lahore 210037
Government Islamia college, railway road, lahore 210038
Government Islamia inter college for boys, lahore cantt 210039
Government M.a.o college, lahore 210040
Government Inter college, ravi road (shahdara) lahore 210041
Government Islamia college, civil lines, lahore 210043
Government Model degree college for boys, model town, lahore 210044
Jinnah islamia college of commerce 34-a-i peco road town ship lahore 210045
Divisional public school and inter. College, model town, lahore 210046
Scholars college of commerce, sharae aiwanie tijarat, lahore 210048
Crescent model higher secondary school for boys shadman colony, lahore 210049
Government Comprehensive higher secondary school, ghorey shah, lahore 210050
Government Degree college (boys), raiwind (lahore) 210053
Forman christian college ferozpur road, lahore 210054
Lahore college of commerce (boys), baghbanpura, lahore 210058
Quaid-e-azam college of commerce 3-shar-e-awan-e tijarat lahore 210062
Al hajvery college of commerce, 43 i/area, gulberg-iii, lhr. 210063
Haleem institute h/secondary school, 104.b-3 gulberg iii.lhr. 210065
Ikhwan science college, barki (lahore) 210066
The city college for boys, 63-c-iii gulberg iii, lahore 210068
Mansoorah model degree college, wahdat road, lahore 210071
Government Shah hussain college, 605-3-ct, town ship, lahore 210073
Tameer-e-seerat model degree college, mansoora, multan road, lhr. 210074
Pakistan finance college, 93 shadman colony no:1 lahore 210078
Worker walfare h/s school (boys), nishtar colony, ferozpur rd.,lhr 210079
Modern college of commerce,10 college block, alama iqbal town, lahore. 210080
Quran college for boys 191.a  ata turk block new garden town lhr 210081
Punjab college of commerce, 29-noon avenue, muslim town, lahore 210082
Sir syed boys higher secondary school, walton road, lahore cantt 210083
Boston college of computer & mang. Sciences, 1-riwaz garden,lhr 210084
The minhaj college (boys) near telephone exchange hamdard chowk township,lahore 210085
Institute of business laureates(boys), 804-c,akbar chowk,f/t,lhr 210086
Punjab college of commerce, 9-canal bank, ferozepur road lahore 210087
Punjab computer college,43 alama iqbal road,garhi shahu chowk lhr 210088
Himayat-e-islam h/s school for boys, 119-multan rd.,lhr. 210089
Leads institute of managements for boys, 5-tipu block new garden town lahore 210090
The global college for boys  2-aurangzeb block new garden town lahore 210092
Pak international model college of science, dubai chowk, allama iqbal town lhr. 210094
Superior college of it and management science 31 tipu block new garden town lhr. 210095
Quaid college of commerce 88 allama iqbal road garhi shahu lahore. 210099
N.k fact college of commerce and i.t. 14-a block l gulberg, ferozpur road lahore 210101
Lahore college of i.t. opposite commissioner office dev samaj road lahore. 210109
Khayaban public h/s/s for boys (international) 19 k.m ferozepure rd lhr. 210112
Quaid-e-azam college of accountacy & commerce, 95 main feroze pur road, lahore 210113
Punjab college of i.t, 31-noon avenue muslim town, lahore 210114
Altus college of information technology,for boys  56-lawrence road,lhr 210115
College of management sciences & i.t for boys 114a new muslim town wahdat rd lhr 210116
Ict college of information technology,for boys 12 & 44-l,gulberg-iii,lhr 210117
Jinnah foundation boys higher secondary school 81/1-a block model town, lahore cantt. 210119
St.anthony`s college,for boys 3 lawrence road lahore. 210120
Sharif education complex (college) jatti umara,adda plot raiwind road, lahore. 210121
Peak solution college of i.t. ghazi road, round about, lahore cantt 210123
Nova college of commerce and information tech, 1483-i-a tufail road, lahore cantt 210125
Trace college 236 badar block, allama iqbal town, lahore 210126
Unique college of computer science for boys, 106-a new muslim town, lahore 210127
Axis college of arts & science for boys, lady griffin campus g.t. road, lahore 210129
Government Apwa college for women, lahore 210132
Government College for women, baghbanpura, lahore 210133
Government College for women, samanabad, lahore 210134
Government Islamia college for women, cooper road, lahore 210135
Government Islamia college for women, lahore cantt 210136
Government Kinnaird college for women, lahore 210137
Lahore college for women university, jail road, lahore 210138
Queen mary college, lahore 210139
Government Model college for girls, model town, lahore 210140
Government College for women, gulberg, lahore 210141
Government Kulliyat ul binat college, 15-lake road, lahore 210142
Government College for women, wahdat colony, lahore 210143
Government Girls inter. College, ravi road,( data nagar ), lahore 210144
Government College for women, shad bagh, lahore 210146
Governmentgirls higher secondary school, singhpura, lahore 210147
Government Fatima jinnah college for women, chuna mandi, lahore 210149
Governmenthigher secondary school for girls, dev samaj rd. Krishan nagar, lhr. 210150
Government Girls higher secondary school, samanabad, lahore 210151
Government Girls higher secondary school, chung, multan road,lahore 210152
Himayat-e-islam college for women, 4-sher shah block new garden town, lahore 210153
Government Girls inter. College, mustafabad (dharampura), lahore 210154
Apwa youth college for girls, jail road lahore 210155
Hazrat ayesha siddiqah model college (women), nichelson road lahore 210156
Himayat-i-islam degree college for women,119-multan road, lahore 210158
Government Jinnah degree college for women, queen road, lahore 210159
Government Girls higher secondary school, awan town, lahore 210160
Aligarh public h/s school for girls, gulberg iii, lahore 210161
Cathedral h/secondary school (girls) abid majeed rd.lahore cantt 210162
Divisional public h/s school for girls, model town, lahore 210164
Qurban girls higher secondary school, walton road, lahore 210165
Government Girls higher secondary school, ravi road, lahore 210168
Government Victoria girls higher secondary school,mori gate, lahore 210169
Wise college for girls,48-main gulberg, lahore 210170
Al madrassa h/s school for girls, shahdara town, lahore 210171
Government Sh. Sardar muhammad girls h/s school, allama iqbal rd.lhr. 210172
Government Degree college for women, bilal ganj, lahore 210173
Government Ayesha degree college for women, timber market, ravi road, lahore 210174
Government College for women,bund road, lahore 210175
Government Girls inter. College, raiwind (lahore) 210177
Defence college for women, 487 f.f d.h.a phase iv lahore cantt. 210178
Fatima jinnah college for women, 73-g jail road, kotlakhpat,lhr. 210179
Ravi college for women, 132-g.t.road, baghbanpura, lahore 210182
Ch.rehmat ali memorial model girls h/s school, town ship, lahore 210184
Governmentgirls higher secondary school, shahdara town, lahore 210185
Siqarah girls college, college road, town ship, lahore 210187
Government College for women, kot khawaja saeed(ghorey shah), lahore 210189
Haleem institute higher secondary school for girls, 707-gg lcchs lahore cantt 210192
Jinnah foundation girls h/sec. School,81-a, model town, lhr. 210194
Institute of business laureates for girls, 814-c,faisal town,lhr. 210195
Government Girls higher secondary school, barki, lahore 210197
Queens college for girls near lalpul, mughalpura, lahore. 210199
Hajvery college for women 93-b-iii gulberg iii lahore 210200
Punjab college for women 27-c noon avenue muslim town lahore 210202
Khayaban public girls h/s/s, maraj park tariq colony begum kot shahdra lhr. 210204
Minhaj college for women, main civic center bughdad town, township, lahore 210205
Crescent model higher secondary school, for girls shadman colony,lahore. 210206
Mansoorah model intermediate college for girls, mansoorah, multan road, lahore 210207
Axis college of arts and science for girls p.r. st. Adnrew’s campus 45-g.t. road, lahore. 210209
New kashmir girls higher secondary school gt road, shalimar town, lahore 210210
Ghazali college for women, 13-i-b-ii tariq bin ziad rd.township,lhr 210211
Khayeban public girls h/secondary school, nishter colony, ferozepur rd.lhr 210212
St. Petters college for women, 17-waris road, lahore 210214
Oxford college for women opp. Government College for women baghbanpura, shalimar town lahore 210215
Soophia college of arts and sciences, 31-bahawalpur road, lahore 210217
Unique h/s school for girls 113-a new muslim town, wahdat road, lhr 210218
Superior college for women 32 babar block new garden town lahore 210220
Nova higher secondary school for girls 1429-tufail road lahore cantt 210222
Naz education system h/secondary school (girls) 138-a main road gulshan ravi lhr 210223
New tuqeer islamia girls h/secondary school, jail road chungi amer sidhu lahore 210224
Johar college for women 534-g-i johar town lahore 210225
Leads institute of management science 21-mamdoot block wahdat road, lahore 210226
Kips intermediate girls college 30-a johar town lahore 210227
Community model h/s/s for boys pattoki, kasur 210344
Community model girls h/s/s, usman wala, kasur 210346
Community model girls h/s/s, khudian khas, kasur 210348
Community model girls h/s/s, changa manga, kasur 210352
Community model girls higher secondary school, old mandi, pattoki (kasur) 210354
Community model girls higher secondary school rasoolpur chak 5 teh. Chunian (kasur) 210358
Community model girls higher secondary school kot abdul malik (sheikhupura) 210386
Community model girls higher secondary school kuthiala virkan (sheikhupure) 210389
Government College, okara 210390
Government Degree college, depalpur (okara) 210391
Government Higher secondary school,basirpur (okara) 210392
Government Higher secondary school, renala khurd (okara) 210393
Government Inter. College, gogera (okara) 210394
Government Degree college for boys, hujra shah muqeem (okara) 210395
Government Degree college for boys, havali lakha (okara) 210396
Government Degree college for boys, basirpur (okara) 210397
Government Higher secondary school, 40/3r (okara) 210398
Lawrence college of information tech. Rauf park g.t.road, okara 210399
New pak college of commerce and computer sciences tehsil road, okara 210400
Government Degree college for boys, ranala khurd (okara) 210401
Suffa educational complex higher secondary (boys), ayub park okara 210402
The professional college of commerce & computer science depalpur (okara) 210403
Government Higher secondary school, 9/1-al akhtar abad (okara) 210404
Ravian higher secondary school for boys gulshan ishaq colony renala khard okare 210405
Superior college for boys jawad avenue okara 210406
Government Higher secondary school, bama bala, okara 210407
Government Higher secondary school, mandi ahmad abad, okara 210408
Punjab college g.t. road near abdullah hospital, okara 210409
District public school & college for boys church road, renala khurd, okara 210410
Government College for women, okara 210411
Government Girls higher secondary school, renala khurd (okara) 210412
Government Degree college for women, haveli lakha (okara) 210413
Government College for women, depalpur (okara) 210414
Government Degree college for women, basirpur (okara) 210416
Government College for women, hujra shah muqeem (okara) 210417
Government Degree college for women no.2, okara 210418
Government Degree college for women, ranala khurd (okara) 210419
Suffa educational complex higher secondary(girls), ayub park okara 210420
Government Girls higher secondary school 9-i-al akhtarabad (okara) 210421
Superior college for women jawad avenue okara 210422
Ravians higher secondary school for girls renala khurd district okara 210423
Daud bandagi girls higher secondary school shergarh okara 210424
Punjab college for women, g.t. road near abdullah hospital, okara 210425
District public school & college for girls, church road, renala khurd, okara 210426
Kas college of management and information technology, 80 c model town, lahore 210427
Government college town ship, lahore 210428
Standard college of & manag sciences 32-b new muslim town, wahdat road, lahore 210429
Lahore city higher secondary school for boys, 39-kamran block, allama iqbal town, lahore 210431
Edge system international 21-2 gulberg iii, lahore 210433
Defence public higher secondary school for boys 305-r phase ii dha lahore cantt 210434
The institute of business leader ship and science 66-main road samanabad lahore 210437
Central college of commerce and science 1-rasheed park ferozpur road, ichhra lhr 210438
The college of shariah and modern science 365-m model town, lahore 210439
Prime college of management and information 240-a-iii gulberg iii lahore 210440
National college of commerce 18-e model town lahore 210441
Government Degree college of special education, 40-t, gulberg lahore 210442
Kips intermediate boys college 263/264-e  johar town lahore 210443
New kashmir boys higher secondary school, g.t.road shalimar town,lahore cantt 210444
Gates college of arts commerce, 33-a main bouleward faisal town lahore 210445
Government Higher secondary school, lakho dair, lahore cantt. 210446
Jamil model degree college usmania tower wapda town lahore 210447
Punjab college of commerce 314 rawaz garden chouburji lahore 210448
Punjab college of science 161-c ferozpur road, lahore 210449
Leadership college, 25-ali block, new garden town, lahore 210450
Eastern college 84-l model town, lahore 210451
American international college for boys, 13-d faisal town, lahore 210452
Hira college of commerce and it for boys riaz st. Suggian by pars naun sukh lhr 210454
Rana model college for boys 230-a-iii gulberg iii lahore 210455
Modern college of commerce & accountancy main walton road, lahore cantt 210456
Jinnah college of commerce 251-waheed center lalpul mughalpura lahore 210457
Siddique higher secondary school system 132-allam iqbal road garhi shahu lahore 210458
Institute of public health 6-abdul rehman chughtai road, lahore 210459
Stars degree college for boys g.t. road, suchyari center shahdara, lahore 210460
Darul hikmat degree college for boys gulloo kot ferozepur road, lahore 210461
Government College for boys gulberg, lahore 210462
Wise higher secondary school for boys jinnah campus 3-k gulberg iii lahore 210463
Khayaban public higher secondary school for boys rachna town shahdara lahore 210464
Al syed college of commerce boys 63-e moulana shouhat ali road johar town lahore 210465
Government Higher secondary school behari colony green town lahore 210466
Quaid college of commerce boys 226-mehran block allama iqbal town lahore 210467
Government Higher secondary school jallo more lahore cantt 210468
Win gate education system h/s/s for boys 18-km tibba pajjian main raiwind road, lahore 210469
Ghousia model higher secondary school for boys, main market gulberg ii, lahore 210470
Ace college for boys 6-p model town extention lahore 210471
American international college of science and commerce boys 20-kashmir block, allama iqbal town, lahore 210472
Leicester college of technology and commerce boys 40-usman block new garden town, lahore 210473
Van der byle college od management and information technology 7-aitchison street, raiwnd road, lahore 210474
Oxford college of commerce, 175 main g.t. road, near k.f.c singpura baghbanpura, raiwnd road, lahore 210475
Higher secondary darul uloom boys high school, 291-kamran block allama iqbal town, lahore 210476
Pak turk intrenational higher secondary school for boys, 65km main raiwind road, lahore 210477
Ilm college for boys 72 usman block, new garden town, lahore 210478
Unique higher secondary school for boys, 65-l gulberg iii, lahore cantt. 210479
Government Arif higher secondary school, mustafabad lahore cantt. 210480
Ravi college of commerce 13-main road samanbadad, lahore 210481
Ali garh higher secondary school for boys, manga mandi, lahore 210482
Mumtaz educational complex girls higher secondary school,14-aichison st, thokar niaz baig lahore 210483
Modern college for women wlton stop, main walton road, lahore 210484
Students islamia girls h/s/school, e 308-b-7 nishat colony lahore cantt. 210485
Orion international girls h/s school, e-91/9-a-i al-noor town, workshop stop walton road lahore cantt 210486
Sir syed girls higher secondary school walton road, lahore cantt. 210487
Leadership college for women, 12-baber block, new garden town lahore 210488
Edge college for girls 62-rewaz garden near m.o.a college lahore 210489
Peak alma higher secondary for girls 24-griffen hall facing canal , mughalpura 210490
Iqra higher secondary school for girls 2-shalimar town opp. Mint gate lahore 210491
Madrasad tul binat cambridge girls higher secondary school 15-lake road lahore 210492
Jamil model higher secondary school for girls rehman arcade lower mall, lahore 210493
Stars degree college for girls 73-g.t. road shahdara, lahore 210494
Pakistan finance college for girls 53-shahjamal lahore 210495
Rana model college for women 230-a-iii gulberg iii lahore 210496
Pride public higher secondary school for girls 1-km raiwind rd thokar niaz baig lahore 210497
Institute of public health 6-abdul rehman chughtai road lahore 210498
Syed public higher secondary school for girls e230 nadir abad bedian road lahore cantt 210499
Jinnah college of commerce science and arts for girls sadar goal chaker lahore 210500
Jinnah islamia girls college 34-b a-i peco road town ship lahore 210501
Global college of commerce 14-l model town ext. Lahore 210502
Government girls higher secondary school umer block allama iqbal town lahore 210503
Golden girls higher secondary school chowk shah gohar pir mehmood botti, baghbanpura, lahore 210504
Central grammar girls higher secondary school 1-rashid park ichhra lahore 210505
Tcf higher secondary school for girls minhale kalen lahore cantt. 210506
Win gate education system higher secondary school for girls 18-km raiwind road, lahore 210507
Darul hikmat degree college for girls gulloo kot ferozepur road, lahore 210508
I.b.l college for girls 763-n samanabad, lahore 210509
Arfa model girls college 2-s-17 nabipure bazar lalpul mughalpura lahore 210510
Al syed college of commerce girls 63e moulana shouhat ali road johar town lahore 210511
Khayaban public higher secondary school for girls rachna town shahdara lahore 210512
Ashrafia girls college jamia ashrafia ferozepur road, lahore 210513
Government College for woman, town ship,  lahore 210514
Modern college for girls 42-pak block allama iqbal town lahore 210515
Scholar’s girls higher secondary school, ai madina park bedian road, lahore cantt 210516
Din-e-islam higher secondary school for girls 17-km ferozepur road, attri saroba lahore 210517
Alm girls college 34-modern colony main peco road, kot lakhpat lahore 210518
Sharif trust educational complex firls college jatti umrah adda plot raiwind, road lahore 210519
Government Degree college for women, wapda town, lahore 210520
Comsit college of commerce for girls 1-c faisal town, lahore 210521
Ilm college for girls 74 usman clock new garden town, lahore 210522
Iqra huffaz girls higher secondary school, 01 tipu block new garden town, lahore 210523
Al-waris higher secondary school for girls e/460, main bedian road, nadirabad, lahore cantt. 210524
Tcf girls higher secondary school village bangali barki road, lahore cantt. 210525
Al-falah college of commerce, opposite main gate lahore general hospital, ferozpur road, lahore 210526
Government Degree college for woman, f-block, gulshan-e-ravi, lahore 210527
Lahore school system higher secondary school for girls 89-kashmir block, allama iqbal town, lahore 210528
Government Degree college, sheikhupura 210529
Government Guru nanak degree college, nankana sahib 210530
Government Islamia college, sangla hill (nankana sahib) 210531
Government Inter college, shah kot (nankana sahib) 210532
Government Inter college, sharaqpur (sheikhupura) 210533
Government Inter college, narang mandi (sheikhupura) 210534
Government Waris shah college, jandiala sher khan (sheikhupura) 210535
Government Public higher secondary school, ajnianwala (sheikhupura) 210536
Government Higher secondary school, more khunda (nankana sahib) 210537
Government Higher secondary school for boys, muridke (sheikhupura) 210538
Government Higher secondary school,  farooqabad (sheikhupura) 210539
Government Higher secondary school, bhara ghar (nankana) 210540
Hira college of career management, 7-college road civil lines, skp. 210541
Government Higher secondary school for boys, nangal sahdan (skp) 210542
Fauji foundation h/ for boys, sangla hill nankana sahib 210543
Al dawah model h/s/school for boys markaz taiba muridke ferozewala (skp) 210544
Pakistan advertists h/s/school for boys farooqabad (sheikhupura) 210545
National model h/s school for boys, hiran minar road, sheikhupura 210546
Government Higher secondary school,for boys chak no:13-g.b. randhir (nankana sahib) 210547
Governmenthigher secondary school,for boys khanqah dogran (nankana sahib) 210548
Sheikhupura college of commerece & 8-a rehman road, civil lines skp 210549
Micro inn technologies for boys tufail shaheed road, civil line, sheikhupura 210550
Farabi college of commerce & computer science, 15 college road civil line, sheikhupura 210551
Shah kot college of commerce for boys new college road shah kot (nankana sahib) 210552
Oxford international college od commerce (oic) 6-b civil lines sheikhupura 210553
Anglo central college of commerce(boys) 8-new college road ghousia colony shahkot 210554
Logos college of science ward no. 4 circular road shahkot (nankana sahib) 210555
Prime college of commerce peer plaza g.t. road muridke (sheikhupura) 210556
Government Comprehensive higher secondary school, sheikhupura 210557
Shahab boys higher secondary school shahkot (nankana sahib) 210558
Jinnah college of commerce boys 29-civil lines main sargodha road, sheikhupura 210559
Nankana college of commerce 6-z block mainroad housing colony nankana sahib 210560
Government Higher secondary school khanpur (sheikhupura) 210561
Pak garrison higher secondary school, housing colony, nankana sahib 210562
Pakistan national college of commerce boys, near saim nala alam baker sargodha, road, sheikhupura 210563
New central model higher secondary school for boys, panwan tehsil shahkot,distt. Nankana sahib 210564
Hira public higher secondary school for boys, nankana sahib 210565
Government College for women, sheikhupura 210566
Government College for women, sangla hill (nankana) 210567
Government Inter. College for girls, ferozewala (sheikhupura) 210568
Government Waris shah inter college for girls,  jandiyala sher khan (sheikhupura) 210569
Government Girls higher secondary school, farooqabad (sheikhupura) 210570
Government Higher secondary school for girls,narang mandi(skheikhupura 210571
Government Girls higher secondary school, muridke (sheikhupura) 210572
Government Girls higher secondary school, sharaqpur (sheikhupura) 210573
Government Girls higher secondary school, mandi dhaban singh (skp) 210574
Government Girls higher secondary school, manawala (nankana sahib) 210575
Government Guru nanak degree college for women, nankana sahib 210576
Government Girls higher secondary school, ajnianwala (sheikhupura) 210577
Government Girls higher secondary school, khanqah dogran (nankana sahib) 210578
Government Girls higher secondary school, syed wala (nankana sahib) 210579
Government Girls higher secondary school, shahkot (nankana sahib) 210580
Government Girls higher secondary school, more khunda (nankana sahib) 210581
Government College for women, shahkot nankana sahib 210582
Government Higher secondary school for girls, nangal sahdan (skp) 210583
Government Girls h/sec. School, chisth nagar, farooqabad (skp) 210584
National model h/s school, for girls, sargodha road, sheikhupura 210585
Shahkot girls college of commerce 1-new college rd. Shahkot (nankana sahib) 210586
Government College for women warburton (nankana) 210587
Fauji foundation higher secondary school for girls sangla hill (nankana sahib) 210588
Anglo central college of commerce for girls 8-new college road ghousia colony shahkot (nankana shaib) 210589
Shahab girls higher secondary school shahkot (nankana sahib) 210590
Jinnah college of commerce for girls 29-a civil lines main sargodha road, skp 210591
New centeral model higher secondary school for girls panwan (nankana sahib) 210592
Federal college of commerce for girls 49-civil lines srogodha road sheikhupura 210593
Batool girls college muhallah sheikhan near lady hospital muridke(skeikupura) 210594
Sheikhupura college of commerce for women 99-a katchani road civil lines skp. 210595
Pakistan adventist higher secondary school for girls mandi farooq abad (skp) 210596
Hailian girls higher secondary school g.t.road tehsil muridke district,(skp) 210597
Hira public higher secondary school for girls, nankana sahib 210598
District public h/secondary school for boys, district complex, okara 210599
District public h/secondary school for girls, district complex, okara 210600
Al-syed college of commerce for girls 123-abubakar block new garden town, lahore 210601
Peta liod higher secondary school for girls shahzada road khana nau, lahore 210602
Pakistan degree college of commerce girls, 4 college block allama iqbal town wahdat road, lahore 210603
Government Degree college for women shahdara, lahore 210604
City college of lahore for girls, ishara qanchi, ferozepur road, lahore 210605
T.c.f higher secondary school for girls, roranwala badian road, lahore 210606
Vision higher secondary school for girls g.t. road muridke district sheikhupura 210607
Qanmos college for boys ghazi road, defence lahore 210608
Paradigm college for boys 49-2-c-1, college road, ghausia chowk, township lahore 210609
The eden girls higher secondary school, majeed town ravi road, muridke (sheikhupura) 210610
Islamia public higher secondary school for girls ghalla mandi kasur road, ellahabad, tehsil chunian, kasur 210611
Government Girls higher secondary school, bhamba kalan district kasur 210612
Al-syed college of commerce for boys 123-abubakar block new garden town, lahore 210613
Haward grammer higher secondary school for boys, angooti bagh seheme, shalimar, link road, lahore 210614
Government Girls umrao ali khan higher secondary school roshan bheela kasur 210615
Pak sian higher secondary school for girls chowk chouburji, lahore 210616
Kings college of management and commerce, 105-garden block new garden town, lahore 210617
Government Degree college for women, muridke, district, sheikhupura 210618
Pakistan degree college of commerce for boys 8 college block allama iqbal town, wahdat road, lahore 210619
Garrison post graduate college for men opposite nishat colony, lahore cantt. 210620
Defence degree college for boys 483/i g, phase v, defence housing authority, lahore cantt. 210621
Brook field college of commerce near railway crossing farooq abad, sheikhupura 210622
Brook field college of commerce for girls near east railway crossing farooq abad (sheikhupura) 210623
City college of lahore for boys, isjara qanchi ferozepur road, lahore 210624
The limit college of commerce, karmanwala town, okara 210625
Ilm college of commerce for boys, 1-a chaman zar colony faisalabad road, okara 210626
Ilm college of commerce for girls,1-a chaman zar colony faisalabad road, okara 210627
Pak grammar higher secondary school for boys upper canal bank near taj bagh pull, herbanspura, lahore 210628
Government Higher secondary school bhamba kalan district, kasur 210629
Government Ahmad nawaz boys higher secondary school roshan bheela, kasur 210630
Government Girls higher scondary school habibabad tehsil and district kasur 210631
Excel college of commerce shalimar link road, lahore 210632
Pak garison girls higher secondary school housing colony nankana sahib 210633
Ilm college of commerce for girls, lal puli, sharaqpur sharif, district sheikhupura 210634
Government College of commerce, sabzazar, lahore 210635
Oxford international college of commerce science & eduction for women, younus shaheed road, sheikhupura 210636
Three star higher secondary school for girls 43-shah taj market walton road,, lahore 210637
Step institute of professional development, 4-c, new muslim town, lahore 210638
Rangers public h/s/s for girls h.q.5 wing c.r. kala khatai muridkey sheikhupura 210639
Jinnah college of commerce for girls burhan road near police station shahdarah, morh lahore 210640
Al-umar college for girls charag park ismail nagar near general hospital lahore 210641
Learners college for girls 83-gt road shahdarah lahore 210642
Bright future girls higher secondary school g.t. road muridke district sheikhupura 210643
The brain college for boys bank stop, ghous bakery walton road, lahore 210644
Jinnah college of commerce burhan road near police station shahdarah more lahore 210645
Learners college for boys lajpat road shahdarah lahore 210646

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