AGS Batteries Prices In Pakistan 2018

AGS is highly standard battery brand used in all Pakistan. AGS batteries are available in all cities of Pakistan.It is high quality battery therefore mostly people in Pakistan use AGS batteries for commercial use. In AGS batteries dry batteries also available in all cities of Pakistan.You can get the all size and type of AGS batteries prices from this page. AGS batteries used in given below things.

Cars,UPS,Trucks(heavy batteries), Tractors, Solar system, motorcycles and also used at homes. AGS batteries have a good brand in Punjab,you can recharge it and also get 6th months warranty on purchasing new battery of AGS. AGS batteries are made with best materials therefor it give you 100 % result.

AGS Batteries Price List

AGS Battery Price List 2018

AGS Medium Batteries

Battery Type Consumer Price (Rs.) Retail Price (Rs.)
N125 8,037.90 6,870
GR95 5,721.30 4,890
GR100 6,493.50 5,550
GX135 8,716.50 7,450
GL100 6,470.10 5,530
GX 132 8,435.70 7,210
GR87 4,984.20 4,260

AGS Heavy Battery

Battery Type Consumer Price (Rs.) Retail Price (Rs.)
GX200 F 14,274.00 12, 200
4DLT160 12,519.00 10,700
210H52 8,369.00 15,700
GL190 12,425.40 10,620
GX165 10,062.00 8,600
245H52 18,837.00 16,100
195G51F 13,923.00 11,900
GX175 0,682.10 9,130
GX200 R 14,157.00 12,100
4DLT145 10,939.50 9,350

AGS Light Batteries

Battery Type Consumer Price (Rs.) Retail Price (Rs.)
GR 70 4,06.70 3,510
GL 50 3,767.40 3,220
CGR 30 2,445.30 2,090
GL 65 4,469.40 3,820
GL 48 3,404.70 2,910
GR 46 2,971.80 2,540
GL 85 5,393.70 4,610
GR 65 4,457.70 3,810
GL 43 2,971.80 2,540
CNG 60 4,270.50 3,650

All the prices which are given in this page collected from the online resources.In condition of any problem you can comment below. Now read the following instructions to enhance the life time of the battery.

  • Never use battery with out initial charging.
  • Charge the battery till it reaches to 15 V.
  • Leave the battery at least 25 to 30 minutes after adding electrolyte.
  • After adding electrolyte connect it with charger which give 10 % ampere of battery capacity.
  • Make sure that before adding the electrolyte,battery was completely seales and air tight.
  • Every battery have manufactured date on it,So always buy latest manufactured battery.


AGS is a good battery brand now available in all of the Pakistan.But if you are interested to check the price list of Ecostar Batteries Price list,you can also check the price of EcoStar batteries in the Pakistan. If you are interested in solar panel price, admission, news, telecom and hajj application form then you visit this page regularly because we update latest info here.


  1. i want buy 2 batteries GX 200 can you explain
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  2. I start a new shop to sell AGS battery how I can got information about latest prices and battery whether any online system

  3. I want to buy AGS GX175 – 23 Plates. What’s the retail price? Kindly Whatsapp me on 03136322098. This is battery provides enough backup using 2 fans and 2 tube lights at a time? Please guide me. Thanks

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