60 Series Batteries Price List

The ACDelco 60 Series truck, cars and marine batteries are economical, reliable, sealed, and maintenance free. AC Delco batteries must be kept in an upright position. Although the batteries have sealed covers and are maintenance free, it is possible for electrolyte to escape through the vent holes if the batteries are turned on their sides or tops.

In addition, both +ve and -ve grids are lead, calcium alloy to maximize corrosion resistance, increase cycle life and reduce water consumption to improve battery durability. The terminal design on the 60 series line provides resistance to acid leaks, seepage, corrosion and black post. Allowing the terminal posts to stay clean and corrosion-free on the shelf,they are monitored with dozens of quality-control checks to help provide ACDelco quality you expect, envelope separators are designed to help minimize  shorting and “corrode-through” to improve reliability and battery life, large reservoirs above the plates provide ample electrolyte reserve for maintenance-free performance.

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