21st Ramadan Nawafil And Wazaifs In Urdu

Ramadan is a very important month for all Muslims of all world. In this month people say their prayers regularly and also avoid from sins. In this month there is a complete change occur in life of all Muslims. In this page we share with you some Ramadan Nawafils and Ramadan Wazaifs for all Muslims of the worlds.

  • Read 2 rakaat nafal namaz. In every Rakat,following Surah Fateha, read Surah Qadar once & Surah Ikhlaas 3 times. Then after Salaam read Astaghfaar (Astaghfer ullaha Rabb-e-min kull-e-zanmb-in-wa Atoob-o-Ilaihe) 70 times.This namaz is also very caring for forgiveness.
  • Read 4 rakaat nafals with 2 salaams. In every Rakat,after Surah Fateha, read Surah Qadar once & Surah Ikhlaas once. Then after Salaam read Darood Paak 70 times.This namaz is very helpful for forgiveness.
  • Reciting Surah Qadr 7 times is very Afzal during this night.
  • Read Surah Qadr 21 times on 21 shabb, it is very useful.

Ramadan Nawafil And Wazaifs 


Ramadan has great importance for us. Ramadan timing 2018 also we share with you, you check complete Ramadan Calender 2018. It is mentioned here that we get all information from online resources. In condition of any more help about any other detail of Nawafil And Wazaifs In Urdu, you can comment us below. It is also requested from Paperpks.com team to pray or us.


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